Does Jeep Have Roadside Assistance? Unveiling Your Safety Net on the Go

If you’re wondering whether Jeep offers roadside assistance, the answer is affirmative. Jeep provides a comprehensive roadside assistance service for its vehicles, ensuring that drivers can count on help when they need it most. Whether your Jeep encounters a mechanical failure, you have a flat tire, or you’ve locked yourself out, Jeep’s roadside assistance program is devised to give you peace of mind during your travels. This service is especially reassuring for adventurers who love to push their Jeeps to the limits on off-road excursions.

A jeep sits on the side of a road, with a flat tire. A roadside assistance vehicle is parked behind it, and a technician is changing the tire

Our Jeep’s coverage is both generous and conveniently long-term, extending assistance for newer models from 2017 onwards, for the period of five years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Vehicles from model years 2013 to 2016 enjoy the same aid for five years or 100,000 miles. A multitude of services is included, such as towing, jump-starts, flat tire assistance, lockout service, and even emergency fuel delivery—if you find your tank unexpectedly empty.

Owners’ loyalty is further celebrated with Jeep Wave®, an exclusive program that brings together a suite of premium benefits. This includes no-cost maintenance and around-the-clock support. As a Jeep owner, you are automatically enrolled in this loyalty program upon your vehicle’s purchase, ensuring that we are always ready to assist, whether it’s during your daily commute or when you’re conquering new terrain.

Comprehensive Vehicle Assistance Programs

We know that having dependable support is crucial when on the road. That’s why Jeep along with its associated counterparts Chrysler, Dodge, and RAM offer comprehensive roadside assistance programs, ensuring that help is just a call away for vehicle-related emergencies.

Jeep Roadside Assistance Services

If you own a Jeep, we’re proud to offer a 24/7 roadside assistance service for your peace of mind. This cover extends up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first, for vehicles manufactured in 2017 or later. Services include:

Towing Services: In cases where your Jeep cannot be driven due to a mechanical issue, we provide tow services to the nearest authorized dealer.

Flat Tire Change: If you happen to encounter a flat tire, a professional will arrive to replace it with your spare.

Dead Battery Jumpstart: Should your battery die, we can give you a jump start to get back on the road swiftly.

Fuel Delivery: Running out of gas is inconvenient; hence, we can deliver fuel to your location. 🛠️

You can reach us at 1-800-521-2779 anytime. Please have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready when calling.

Chrysler, Dodge, and RAM Support Options

Chrysler, Dodge, and RAM vehicles also come with 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring that you’re never stranded. Our services for these brands include all the primary roadside help mechanisms such as:

  • Towing 🚨
  • Jumpstarting a dead battery 💡
  • Flat tire changeovers 🛠️
  • Lockout service if you’re locked out 🚗

Remember, the key is prompt service to get you back on the road with minimal disruption.

Understanding Mopar Vehicle Protection

Mopar Vehicle Protection is an extended service contract that goes beyond standard warranties, covering various vehicle brands, including Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and RAM. Here’s why it’s beneficial:

Feature Benefit
Certified Technicians Guarantee of factory-trained expertise
Genuine Parts & Service Assurance of high-quality replacements
Towing/Rental Allowance Financial support for alternate transportation needs
Peace of Mind: Know that the vehicle is covered even after the factory warranty expires.

Part of Mopar’s pledge is to deliver comprehensive care through every aspect of vehicle servicing, from a routine oil change to unexpected repairs. With options like winch service recovery included, our mission is to keep your experience hassle-free.

Ownership Benefits and Services

As a Jeep® owner, we gain an array of benefits, from routine maintenance to customer service that enhances the overall ownership experience. Jeep vehicles assure us peace of mind with a variety of services designed to make our adventures worry-free.

Enhancing the Ownership Experience

Jeep has established a comprehensive suite of owner services. Their primary goal is to keep our vehicle running smoothly and reliably. We’re automatically part of the Jeep ® Wave program upon purchase of a new vehicle, granting us a range of perks. This loyalty benefit offers us routine maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotations, at no additional cost for the entirety of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Assistance from FCA US LLC is always a call away, providing 24/7 support through their Mopar division. For any unforeseen issues on the road, we have access to 24-hour roadside assistance under the program, valid for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Additional Services include:
  • Priority customer service
  • Exclusive Jeep brand vehicle discounts

Maximizing Your Lease and Purchase Offers

Jeep ensures we’re getting the most out of our lease or purchase. If we ever decide to upgrade, we’ll find offers that are both attractive and competitive. Our Jeep dealer can present us with the best lease and purchase offers, including the base MSRP, plus destination, taxes, title, and registration fees. Opting for optional equipment can enhance our driving experience. Furthermore, Jeep offers various extended service contract policies such as Added Care Plus and Maximum Care plans, which extend beyond the basic manufacturer’s warranty. These plans can ultimately save us money in the long haul, covering most parts of our Jeep vehicle.

In terms of extended warranty, we have the opportunity to choose additional protection, thereby extending the life of our manufacturer’s warranty. By keeping close contact with our dealer, we can explore all available options, ensuring that we understand the specifics of what these warranties cover. From basic maintenance to extensive repairs, Jeep’s coverage gives us the confidence to handle any situation that may arise.

Service Covered Under Basic Warranty Extended Service Contracts
🛠️ Routine Maintenance Included for a set period Optional Additional Coverage
🚨 Roadside Assistance 5 years / 60,000 miles Option for extended coverage

Additional Coverage and Assistance Information

When considering Jeep’s Roadside Assistance, it’s important to understand extended service contracts and what is specifically covered or excluded. This ensures that as vehicle owners, we are fully aware of the services available to us in the event of a mechanical breakdown or other issues on the road.

Analyzing Extended Service Contracts

Jeep offers extended service contracts that provide coverage beyond the basic manufacturer’s warranty period. These are particularly beneficial for owners of models from years 2013 to 2016, which may no longer be under the standard warranty. Extended contracts can include benefits such as:
  • Component Coverage: Extensive coverage on major components.
  • Key Fob Repair or Replacement: Assistance with damaged or lost key fobs.

Additionally, these contracts often cover rental cars, providing a rental allowance if your Jeep is out of service due to covered repairs.

Roadside Assistance and Warranty Exclusions

Understanding the limitations and exclusions of Jeep’s Roadside Assistance is crucial. Although the service is comprehensive, it doesn’t cover every situation:
  • Mechanical Breakdown: Service typically covers towing to the nearest dealer, jump starts, flat tire service, and lockout service. However, repairs not covered by the warranty might incur costs.
  • Trip Interruption Coverage: Offered if a mechanical issue covered by the warranty occurs far from home, reimbursing for lodging and meals.

It’s important to contact your insurance company to discuss how their coverage can complement Jeep’s Roadside Assistance, especially for more expensive models which could lead to higher costs in case of a breakdown.

Coverage in the United States is accessible with a simple call, ensuring help is on the way whenever we need it.

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