Courtesy Wipe Ford: What Is It and What Is Its Importance?

Courtesy Wipe Ford was recently introduced to the Ford 150 but many people don’t know what it is and others may have never heard of it or know how to use it. However, when used correctly, the courtesy wipe can be useful, especially in windy or foggy weather.

Courtesy Wipe Ford

This article will discuss what it is, how it works, and its usefulness in unfriendly weather. Also, we’ll discuss the models of the F150 that have it and whether or not you can install or remove it from your vehicle.

What Is Ford Courtesy Wipe Feature?

The Ford Courtesy Wipe feature is a unique characteristic of some Ford models that enables an extra wipe after the windshield wipers are done wiping. This enables the wipers to clear out extra droplets of cleaning fluid that may have remained after the “normal” round of wiping. It also helped your windshields to avoid leaving streaks.

– Why the Courtesy Wipe Was Installed on Ford Vehicles

It is common for droplets and strains of cleansing fluid to remain on the windscreen after the wipers are through wiping. These strains or droplets can obscure the vision of the driver mainly if they cause dirt and debris to get stuck on the windscreen.

Why the Courtesy Wipe Was Installed on Ford Vehicles

Thus, the courtesy wipes serve as the extra wipe that clears these droplets or strains of liquid to prevent them from blocking the vision of the driver. The Courtesy Wipe doesn’t have to be activated, it is automatic and comes on a few seconds after the last “normal” wipe.

– Ford Models That Have the Courtesy Wipe Installed

The models of Ford that have this feature include the Explorer, F150, Expedition and Mustang. The feature, in all these models, was installed in 2009 and lasted until 2016, which means that all trims of these models after 2016 do not have the Courtesy Wipe. However, Ford is not the only company to install this feature as Lincoln, Chevrolet and Honda have similar features.

Ford Models That Have the Courtesy Wipe Installed

What is Courtesy Wipe on Ford Explorer? Courtesy Wipe on Ford Explorer is the extra wipe that the windshield wipers do after the “normal” wipes to ensure every droplet or strain of liquid is cleansed. This is to make visibility clearer for the driver.

Why Was the Ford Courtesy Wipe Discontinued?

The Ford Courtesy Wipe was discontinued because it fell out of favor with drivers of these cars. According to them, they found the feature more distracting than helpful because just when you think the wipers are done and you can now concentrate on the road, another wipe comes up.

– Why Some Drivers Are Disabling It

The drivers who own vehicles with the feature are having them disabled as they also claim it’s distracting them. Some also expressed the worry that the feature is causing more wear and tear on the wipers, thus they don’t last. Others also find it simply annoying and thus, they just remove it.

Why Some Drivers Are Disabling It

Take note that this feature turns on when the rain sensor is activated. If your rain sensor is refusing to work, there could be a crack above the sensor that is preventing it from sensing the rain hitting the windshield. Sometimes there may be a foreign material blocking the sensor that needs to be removed.

– Disabling Courtesy Wipe Ford

If you own a Ford vehicle that has the feature and you find it distracting or annoying enough to remove it, here are some simple steps to help you. However, take note that these steps only apply to Ford vehicles produced after 2011 because those before 2011 have no way of disabling them. The feature can be accessed through the Menu on the car’s dashboard.

Disabling Courtesy Wipe Ford

On your dashboard, look for the accessory menu and choose “Settings” then select “vehicle.” Now look for the “Wipers” option, which is down the menu and choose it. Then select the “courtesy wipe” option, then choose “Off” and the feature would be disabled.

However, take note that if anything happens and the vehicle’s dashboard menu undergoes a reset, you’d have to repeat the steps as the reset would mean the feature switched back on.

– Other Automated Features Like the Ford Courtesy Wipers

One feature that Ford and other car manufacturing companies have added to their vehicles is the Rain-sensing Windshield Wiper. Rain sensing wipers Ford kicks into action when it senses rain on the windshield and wipes the rain off it.

The system even adjusts the wipers based on the intensity of the rain, thus light rain attracts few swipes while heavy rain attracts more swipes. The Rain-sensing Windshield Wiper is part of new features designed to reduce the activities a driver has to undertake during driving to concentrate on the road.

What is the reverse wipe on Ford vehicles? Reverse wiper Ford is the wiper on the rear windshield of a Ford vehicle that kicks into action immediately after the car is reversing with the wipers on.

What Is the Importance of a Courtesy Wipe Ford in a Chevy Equinox?

The chevy equinox drivetrain options play a crucial role in the overall performance of the vehicle. A courtesy wipe ford ensures the optimal functioning of the drivetrain system in a chevy equinox, preventing any potential issues. The importance lies in maintaining the drivetrain’s efficiency and extending its longevity for a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.


This article has explained what a Ford Courtesy Wipe is and how it functions to relieve the driver of some duties while driving.

Here is a recap of all that we’ve read:

  • The Ford Courtesy Wipe Ford Mustang is a feature in some selected Ford vehicles that helps to clear extra strain or droplets of liquid after the “normal” wipers are done.
  • The feature kicks into action a few seconds after the “normal” wipes and helps to remove any liquid that may obstruct the driver’s vision.
  • The feature is present in the Ford F150, Explorer, Expedition and Ford Mustang which were produced after 2009.
  • The Courtesy wipe can be disabled only on vehicles that have the feature installed after 2011; the ones before 2011 cannot be disabled as Ford provided no option for disabling.
  • Most drivers were dissatisfied with the feature, claiming it was too distracting and leading the company to discontinue the Courtesy Wipe.

Another feature that is meant to reduce the number of things drivers do during driving is the Rain-sensing Windshield Wiper. This feature works when the rain starts hitting the windshield and can adjust its intensity based on the intensity of the shower. Make sure that you have adjusted correctly the windshield wiper arm tension to avoid “hurting” your windshield.

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