Car Window Wont Stay Up in Position: Best Fixes

How to fix a car window won’t stay up issue will be something most drivers will want to know, including you, as stuck windows are one of the most frustrating issues faced by vehicle owners. There can be several things that could be the cause of this issue occurring, ranging from problems in the lifting system to something stuck in the door.

Car Window Won T Stay Up

So, if you have a car and this is your issue, you might be less frustrated to know that you don’t immediately need to resort to a professional’s help, as fixing it on your own can be easy enough. By reading the subsequent sections, you will see that we have detailed several techniques you can utilize to fix the car window that isn’t working as it is supposed to!

How Can You Temporarily Fix a Car Window That Won’t Stay Up?

You can temporarily fix a car window that won’t stay up by using a wedge, a vise grip, or some tape. You can also use suction cups, square dowels, or silicone gel. Also, consider slamming the door shut and open to see if it gets the window operating again.

– Using a Wedge

You can use a wedge to fix a car window that will not stay up. To start the procedure, you must look in your car and find something capable of using as a wedge. After that, you have to place this wedge between the glass window and the windowsill of your door. This method will help the window to stay up.

– Utilizing a Vise Grip

You can use a vise grip in your car’s toolset to keep the window up. To begin the process, you have to take the vise grip and wedge between the frame of the door and window. Doing this will cause the window to be held up and won’t go down.

– Using Some Tape

Another suitable option is to use duct tape to prevent the window from going down. To begin the procedure, you have to get some tape. After that, you have to take out some of it and tape the edges of the car windows to the door’s window frame. The tape will keep the window up at all times.

Using Tapes on Car Window

If it rains, this will prevent the rain water from going inside the car. One other thing you can do is stick the tape on all the surroundings of the window and its frame. You have to do all of this while the car window is up. If you apply the tape and the window still falls, you must use a more efficient sticky tape to keep it in place.

– Using Some Suction Cups

Using some suction cups to keep the car window up is also a good idea. First, you must get a few suction cups to start the process. Make sure that the cups have metal hooks or pop handles attached.

After you have the suction cups with you, you have to stick the cups at the bottom section of the car window. It is important to remember that the handles on the suction cups will not let the car window come down.

– Using Square Dowels and Silicone Gel

First, you have to buy a few square dowels to begin this process. You can get them from a nearby hardware store or an online shop. Once you have purchased them, you must jam them in the middle of your car door and the end of your glass window.

Now, you have to check if the window is held up, and if it is, you can get your silicone gel. You have to place this gel on the top and bottom ends of your car window so that it does not move at all or cause any trouble for you.

– Opening and Slamming the Door Shut

When you turn on the ignition, the radio will turn on automatically. Also, all of the windows will open if they are closed. If the windows are closed, they will open immediately when the ignition turns on.

Conversely, the window that will be faulty won’t move at all. In this case, you have to press and hold the specific switch of that window to either the up or the close position. You can try to open the car door and then slam it so that it closes.

After that, you must test if the windows can be rolled up or down. However, if there is no result, you have to apply the same procedure a few times. On the other hand, if it works, you have to keep the mentioned key down. When you do this, the window will start working automatically.

How Can You Fix a Power Car Window That Won’t Stay Up?

You can fix a power car window that won’t stay up by trying to press the up/down switch. You can also check the lock-out switch and the fuses and ensure that no dirt in the window is causing the problem.

– Pressing the Up/Down Switch

If you want to fix a power car window that won’t stay up, first you have to press the switch that is labeled as “up/down” that will be beside the defective window. Once you do this, you might hear a whirring sound for a few seconds.

Pressing Car Window Switch

However, if you do not hear such sounds, it could be because of the motor or the switch. The switch is easier to replace than the motor, so it is best to check on it first.

– Checking the Lock-out Switch

When the issue only concerns the rear windows, you must go to the driver’s lock-out switch. Then you have to check on the switch. The switch may have been pressed by mistake. When you press the mentioned switch, the rear windows of the car will close on their own.

– Checking the Fuses

Sometimes, the windows must be fixed to work as they should. When this happens, there is an issue with a fuse or a relay. Modern cars have a computer module connected to the vehicle’s motor.

It has the task of always counting the gear revolutions of the regulation. On the other hand, it also keeps track of the position of the car window. This way, it knows when to stop raising the window.

Now, once the module has low power or if it has disconnected, it does not know whether the window is up or down. In that case, it is best if you bring your computer module to be restarted. If you still need to learn how to do it independently, you should take it to a professional instead. They will be able to do it correctly, and they will not damage any of the components at all.

– Dirt in the Window

When the window does not go up, some dirt may be stuck, preventing it from going up. The right and left sides of the full-framed windows guide the glass. If you have to clean the guides, use silicone lube.

To start the process, you have to spray the silicone lube on the guides of the window. After that, you must make the window go up and down a few times. After doing this, you will probably see that your issue has been solved.

How Can You Fix a Manual Car Window That Won’t Stay Up?

You can fix a manual car window that won’t stay up by replacing the plastic gears that might have worn out if they weren’t used for a while. Another thing you can do to fix it is to assess the regulator track and rotate the door handle.

– Replacing the Plastic Gears

When it comes to fixing a manual window that won’t stay up, you can replace the plastic gears that are present. In manual cars, some gears are made of plastic. Plastic gears do not last as long as steel gears. They have higher chances of going wrong because of being used many times.

When the gears wear out, you must replace them with newer ones simultaneously. It is important to remember that only someone with experience can do it. In that case, replacing them at a nearby shop that repairs cars is best.

– Checking the Regulator Track

You can check the regulator track if the window of your car is not staying up. To start the operation, first, you have to go over and remove the door panel. After that, you can check on the regulator track.

Checking the Regulator Track

If you cannot turn around the crank handle, the regulator may be stuck, and the wheel could be trying to catch something near. In that case, you have to go to the car’s door panel and remove it. After that, you must put the handle back, so it does not disturb you.

Then you have to rotate the handle, and while doing this, you must watch to see if the regulator has hang-ups on the track ahead. You might notice some blockades, and if you do, you have to move them out of the way. On the other hand, if you think you won’t be able to fix the issue, it is best to bring it to a mechanic.

How Can You Diagnose Why Your Car Window Won’t Stay Up?

You can diagnose why your car window won’t stay up depending on how it is operated — for manually operated windows, the regulator might be stuck or damaged. On the other hand, it can be a matter of faulty wiring or malfunctioning electric switches for power windows.

Diagnosing a Manually Operated Window

– For a Manually Operated Window

Most vehicle manually operated windows usually have hand cranks, which in turn contain mechanical regulators that lower and raise the glass windows. The gears can get stripped, the window regulator can get stuck because of dried lubricant or lack of lubrication, and it can bend or get deformed.

– For a Power Window

Power windows use reversible electric motors, and these motors are connected to electric regulators that lower and raise the car’s glass windows. Some wirings secure the whole system and switch that let in and cut off electricity.

Regulators can get stuck, and electric motors and switches can go wrong or fail.

Can Fixing Transmission Issues Help with a Car Window That Won’t Stay Up?

When facing a car window that won’t stay up, it might seem unrelated to consider fixing transmission issues. However, resolving problems with the transmission system can indirectly aid in resolving window issues. Properly functioning transmissions can alleviate mechanical strain on the vehicle, promoting overall smooth operation, which includes the movement of windows. So, it’s worth exploring fixing transmission issues to potentially address the stubborn car window.


While there is always the option of going straight to a repair shop and getting a professional fix, reading our article will make you realize that you can try plenty of solutions on your own. The complexity of these solutions will vary, depending on how much time you have at the moment, and if you would like to review what these fixes are,

check the listed summary here:

  • Consider using a vise grip, duct tape, or a wedge to keep a problematic car window up.
  • You can also use silicone gel, square dowels, and suction cups.
  • Clean out the dirt from the window, as it may clog the system.
  • Check and replace the plastic gear and the regulator if the problem lies within it.

There is only a slight difference between manual and power car windows, so there should be little clarity, no matter which one you try to hold up. We suggest attempting the fixes given in the guide if you don’t have the time to go to a mechanic while you are on the road, and we are confident you will get results without much hassle!

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