Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle: Possible Reasons and Solutions

If your car sounds like a motorcycle, there might be a leak in the exhaust, a defect in the engine, or other parts. Some of these issues are easily fixed, such as a stuck tailpipe.

Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle

To resolve other problems, you can hire an experienced mechanic. In this complete guide, we have listed all the reasons and solutions to help you get rid of the loud noise.

What Is the Reason Why Your Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle?

Your car sounds like a motorcycle because a component of the exhaust is defective or leaky. The old gas from the exhaust can disrupt the proper functioning of other parts and create noise. Other reasons include a fault in the engine, such as a faulty fan belt or spark plug.

– Leakage in Any Exhaust Component

The exhaust system has different parts, such as a manifold, muffler, and resonator. Leakage in any of these parts can result in loud noise from the car. It can make you think “Why does my car sound like a race car?”

Leakage usually occurs in old cars because the metal components can corrode with time. Otherwise, it occurs due to the improper placement of the exhaust parts. So if there is a hole in any component or if it is poorly sealed, the exhaust gas roams around and ruins other parts too. It can result in a popping or a prominent growling sound based on leakage type.

You can identify exhaust gas discharging from the engine if you listen closely and notice a clamorous noise. It is also usually indicated by the check engine light, but if you hear a popping sound, leakage in the manifold can be the reason.

– Spark Plug Incapable of Igniting Fuel

When the spark plug does not work, the fuel does not ignite fully, which causes a weird engine sound. If you are thinking why my car sounds like a truck when idling, a spark plug is the reason. A spark plug is a component of the engine that has electrodes that ensure current flow, so if the plug cannot ignite the fuel, you will experience an engine misfire.

You can identify a faulty spark plug if your car sounds like motorcycle when idling. The noise arises from the combustion chamber because all the fuel did not catch fire.

– Clogged Air Filter

Car engines have filters that stop road contaminants from entering the engine, but when these filters get clogged, they harm the functioning of the engine.

Thus, the engine has to put greater force to get oxygen, which is why your car sounds like a motorcycle. You might also complain that “My car sounds like a race car when I accelerate.” The noise gets louder as you speed up, so you should replace the filters at the earliest available time.

– Improper Fittings and Worn-out Parts in the Exhaust

Car noises are also heard when a component of the exhaust system is incorrectly positioned. The most common example is a poor-fit resonator.

Reason Why Your Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle

A resonator minimizes high-pitched engine sounds. It should have a specific shape that allows it to remove the noise. But if the resonator is not in the correct position or does not have the proper design, you will hear noises.

Apart from that, a worn-out catalytic converter or manifold bolts can also be the reason. Loose bolts in the manifold move and produce a clunking race car or motorcycle sound.

– Issues With the Drivetrain

The drivetrain has many parts, and there are a lot of ways they can get damaged and cause noise. For example, the gears might misalign, putting a greater force on the driveshafts. Or there might be a defect in the axles or joints because these components wear out with time.

Also, if a car suddenly sounds like a motorcycle, the transmission fluid might be dropping. In such a case, you should get the car checked for leakage and refill the fluid.

– Strained Fan Belt

A fan belt is an important part of the engine because it transfers the rotational power between two separate elements every time you drive. This rubber belt gets loose or damaged with time because it constantly moves. 

Strained Car Fan Belt

So when the belt loses tension, it loses synchronization with the pulley. You might complain that “My car sounds like a toy car“, because of the noise from a strained belt.

– Displaced Tailpipe Cover

Sometimes while driving at high speed, the cover on the tailpipe moves from its place. When the loose cover slides, the tailpipe gets stuck and the car produces noise like a motorcycle.

You can prevent this if you drive with care, and if the tailpipe is stuck, you can move the cover back in its position. It is only a temporary solution, so it is better to take the car to a mechanic and get it fixed permanently.

– Faulty Brake Pads

If your vehicle sounds like a motorcycle when you hit the brakes, you have broken brake pads. It happens when the two metal components, the brake pad and disc rotor, collide. This collision also produces noise like a motorcycle. The brake pads must be fixed soon or the brakes would fail with time.  

– Problems With Tires

Inflated tires or different-sized tires on the car can create noise. Since it is the simplest fixing method, you should check the tires before driving and take care of the deflated tires. Different tires on an all-wheel drive can also be noisy because they would not rotate at the same speed.

How To Fix a Car That Sounds Like a Motorcycle?

You can fix a car that sounds like a motorcycle by replacing the faulty fan belt, brake pads, or exhaust parts. You can change the oil and check the tailpipe cover on your own, but defective drivetrains or engine parts need fast repair by a qualified mechanic.

– Replace Worn-out Car Belt

Replacing the fan belt does not cost much, and these belts wear out with time, so the problem is not very serious. But it is better to replace them right when you get a hint that they are becoming loose.

Otherwise, the belt would completely break, and you will not be able to drive.

– Identify and Replace the Leaking Exhaust Part

Exhaust has many components, so first you must identify where the leakage occurred in the car. Since leakage occurs when a part is not sealed, you might have to replace the part. The total cost depends on the specific car part that needs replacement. You should also consider the cost of hiring a mechanic if you have not replaced that component in the past.

If you have recently changed an older part, leakage can occur in the same part due to improper sealing. Thus, you should check such components before other repairing mechanisms.

– Repair Faulty Drivetrain or Engine Parts

You can also fix the motorcycle noises if there is a defect in the engine or drivetrain. But the spare components for these parts are expensive, and repairing them also costs a lot. However, take note that you will end up worsening the situation if you keep delaying it.

Solutions of Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle


So hire a mechanic soon and get the car repaired. Since the engine and drivetrain are the core parts of vehicles, you should avoid fixing them on your own.

– Track Engine Parts and Change Oil

To avoid paying high repair costs, you can keep an eye on the engine and other car parts. In this way, you can contain the problem at the initial stage. Changing the engine oil from time to time also prevents further damage to car parts. Otherwise, the oil gets contaminated with dirt, and the engine will make a noise.


1. Can You Drive Your Car if It Sounds Like a Motorcycle?

No, you should not drive your car if it sounds like a motorcycle, especially if there is a problem with the engine or the brakes. If you keep driving, you will only worsen the car’s condition and put yourself and others at risk. 

2. Why Does Your Honda Accord Make Motorcycle Sounds?

Your Honda Accord is making motorcycle sounds because it has leakage in the exhaust system. Other possibilities include misaligned gears or defective engine components. Make sure to get your vehicle checked immediately after noticing these signs to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

This answers the question, “Why Does My Honda Accord Sounds Like a Motorcycle?”

Conclusion of Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle

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After learning why your car sounds like a motorcycle, you can easily diagnose the problem.

You can also take the right steps to fix your car, but first let us summarize the key findings:

  • The exhaust gas in your car leaks and spreads in other components and causes a sound like a motorcycle.
  • Damaged engine components like spark plugs, filters, or fan belts can cause a noisy drive.
  • There can also be a problem with the transmission or other drivetrain components.
  • You can prevent the noise by regular maintenance of the car and changing the oil from the engine.
  • Replacing worn-out parts on your own or hiring a mechanic will solve the problem.

Now that you are aware of all the possible reasons and solutions to fix a noisy car, you can save your car from serious damage before it is too late.

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