Car Bluetooth Not Working: Top Causes and Solutions

Car Bluetooth not working is a significant inconvenience if you enjoy connecting your device to your car. Bluetooth may not work because of issues such as incompatibility and signal interference. Fortunately, you can restore the connection once you understand the issue with your Bluetooth connection.

Car Bluetooth Not Working Top Causes and Solutions ~ Ran When Parked (1)

In this post, you will be learning the top causes and solutions to a car Bluetooth that is not working.

Why Is Your Car Bluetooth Not Working as It Should?

Your car’s Bluetooth is not working as it should because of compatibility issues. Bluetooth technology as other technology has evolved over the years introducing new features and connectivity. Thus, if your car has an old version of Bluetooth, you may experience compatibility issues.

Car Bluetooth Not Working Top Causes and Solutions Conclusion ~ Ran When Parked (1)

When you have compatibility issues between different versions of Bluetooth, you may end up with connection issues or limited function. Also, different Bluetooth profiles are responsible for different Bluetooth device functions and capabilities.

Therefore, using devices with different profiles can result in compatibility issues. When this happens, you have issues using Bluetooth for audio streaming, hands-free calling, or file transfer.

This will restrict some features if your phone uses a specific Bluetooth profile that your car does not support. Besides, is Bluetooth not working in car Android infotainment? Your Bluetooth settings could be the reason you are having Bluetooth issues in your car.

In addition, if you are wondering – why is my Bluetooth not turning on? The first culprit is your settings. For instance, if your device is in flight mode or battery saver mode, it will interfere with Bluetooth function.

Pairing Issues Interfere With Smooth Bluetooth Operation

Another reason you are having issues with your car’s Bluetooth is a pairing problem with your device. For instance, if your vehicle’s Bluetooth is not ready to pair, your device will not detect it during the process. Also, you experience this issue if you previously attempted pairing your device with your car but failed to complete the pairing process.

Why Is Car Bluetooth Not Working as It Should ~ Ran When Parked

Some devices also have a limited time during which they are discoverable and ready to pair. As a result, if your device or phone is one of them, it will automatically close the ready-to-pair mode for security reasons and to conserve battery. This device timeout could explain why you are having Bluetooth problems in your car.

If you find yourself asking – why is Bluetooth not finding devices? The answer is your car is not discoverable which makes it impossible to pair. Also, failure to turn on your device’s Bluetooth can leave wondering – why is my Bluetooth not working on my iPhone?

Signal Interference Can Cause Bluetooth Connection Issues

Interference is another explanation for why Bluetooth in your car is not working. Signal interference occurs when other wireless devices or physical objects interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth works in a frequency other wireless technologies like cordless phones and home appliances use. Therefore, if you have multiple devices using the same frequency in close proximity it can result in a weaker Bluetooth connection.

Also, Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from power lines can interfere with Bluetooth signals. Thus, if your car is near a high-voltage transmission line it may experience signal degradation, which causes intermittent connectivity.

Power Issues Can Interfere With Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity can suffer if your device does have enough charge. For example, if your phone or car battery is low, Bluetooth will have a problem maintaining a strong connection. One way you can think of this is how difficult it can be to communicate with someone on the phone if your phone’s battery is about to die.

In the same way, if your phone does not have enough charge it weakens the Bluetooth signal. This explains why a phone with a low charge struggles to maintain a stable Bluetooth connection. It may explain the sudden disconnections or problems pairing.

Moreover, if your phone’s battery is low, it decreases Bluetooth response time. For instance, you may set something up via Bluetooth but it may take longer for you to notice the change.

Malfunctioning Hardware Can Interfere With Bluetooth

If your phone or car has a Bluetooth hardware problem, you have problems trying to connect. For instance, if your car’s or phone’s Bluetooth antenna is malfunctioning, it will interfere with your connection. The role of the antenna is to send and receive Bluetooth signals. Thus, a faulty antenna will interfere with your connection.

Also, a faulty Bluetooth chip can interfere with the connection. For instance, when the Bluetooth chip fails, it hinders the transmission and reception of Bluetooth signals. The immediate consequence is connection issues. This could be the explanation you are looking for – why is my Bluetooth not connecting?

In addition, a loose physical connection between your car’s Bluetooth module and other components can interfere with Bluetooth. This can result in Bluetooth not working or an unreliable connection.

In case you are wondering, the most common cause of physical damage to Bluetooth components is accidental drop or impact. When it happens, it can damage the infotainment circuit board and other internal components including the Bluetooth module. This could explain – why is my Bluetooth audio not working in my car.

What Is the Best Solution for Car Bluetooth Not Working?

The best solution for a car whose Bluetooth is not working is to check the Bluetooth settings. This entails checking the settings to make sure they allow Bluetooth connection. Otherwise, the connection between your car and your device will be impossible. Therefore start by checking the pairing settings.

While checking the pairing settings ensure they are all discoverable and in pairing mode. In addition, check the Bluetooth visibility settings on the smartphone or the device you wish to connect. If they are off, turn them on.

Best Solution for Car Bluetooth Not Working ~ Ran When Parked

This makes your device discoverable by your vehicle. Once ready to pair, provide the right authentication. Some vehicles require you to provide a passcode to pair your device.

Here is a quick look at the process of how to connect phone to car Bluetooth. Start by turning the Bluetooth on. Second, ensure your car’s Bluetooth is discoverable. Lastly, pair the device.

Device Reboot Can Revive Your Bluetooth Connections

Another way you can quickly solve the issue of car Bluetooth not working is by restarting your device. Doing so resets your devices’ software clearing any temporary errors causing Bluetooth connection issues. Your car’s infotainment system can encounter software issues if it runs for a long period.

Think of this as restarting or rebooting your computer. When you restart it, you close all the running apps and clear temporary data that may be interfering with the smooth operation of your Bluetooth.

After restarting your device or phone, try creating a new connection. Your new connection should be free of the previous connection inconsistencies or communication breakdowns.

Although restarting your device is not the same as a factory reset, some hardware components get a brief reset. As a result, can solve minor Bluetooth hardware issues.

Delete Connected Devices To Give Your Device Another Chance

Another way you can solve the issue of your car Bluetooth not working is by clearing connected devices in your car. This will reset the Bluetooth system memory, which will remove any corrupt or conflicting pairing information. Clearing connected devices provides you with a fresh slate without interference between your device and your car.

When you clear the connected devices list, you give priority to your current device when you pair it to your car’s Bluetooth. To do this, open the Bluetooth menu in your car and look for the connected devices. You can remove individual devices one by one or clear all devices if you see more.

The best option is to clear all devices if you are experiencing connection issues with various devices. Doing this will quickly reset everything. This eliminates conflicts with the Bluetooth system.

Once you are done, pair your device with your vehicle’s Bluetooth system. This is one of the best answers to – how do I fix the Bluetooth pairing problem?

Use Third-Party Bluetooth Gadget To Restore Connection

If your vehicle’s Bluetooth hardware is outdated or totally gone, you can get around this problem by using third-party Bluetooth devices. Third-party Bluetooth devices provide an alternative wireless connection in your car.

With these devices, you get broad compatibility with various devices like Apple and Android devices among others. Therefore, you can use this solution if your car’s built-in Bluetooth system has issues connecting with your devices. You only need to connect Bluetooth device to your car’s USB port to start enjoying Bluetooth connectivity without going through complex settings.

In addition, third-party Bluetooth devices come with advanced features that you may not have in your car.

Some of the popular third-party Bluetooth devices are:

  • Scosche hands-free car kit
  • iWorld Bluetooth audio car kit
  • Avantree ck11 hands free Bluetooth 5.0 car kits loud speakerphone
  • Microsoft Nokia Bluetooth display car kit ck-15w
  • iSimple Bluetooth hands-free car kit
  • Supertooth one handsfree Bluetooth visor car-kit

When you use third-party Bluetooth devices, you bypass issues in the built-in Bluetooth system. You only need to connect device to start using a Bluetooth connection.

Software Updates Can Boost Car’s Bluetooth Function

You can address the issue with your car’s Bluetooth system by updating the infotainment software. This will address bugs and glitches in the infotainment. Software updates usually include fixes and improvements that include improving Bluetooth functions.

Updates in Bluetooth can help with a stable connection, a smoother pairing process, and better audio.

Consult a Professional Mechanic To Restore Connection

If you still can’t solve this issue, it is time to consult a professional mechanic to restore the Bluetooth function in your car. A professional will look for the root cause of the issue in your car’s infotainment. In case, your car’s Bluetooth module has an issue, the professional will do the necessary repair or replacements.

If that is the case, the professional may have to fix wiring issues, update firmware, or replace damaged components. In addition, during the repair process, the professional can check and install available updates to the infotainment system.

Besides, taking your car to a professional repair shop is a quick way of establishing the potential causes of Bluetooth issues. For instance, the professional can establish that a faulty electrical system is interfering with your Bluetooth. In such a case, the professional will quickly fix it.


In this post, you learned the causes and solutions to your car’s Bluetooth connection problems.

Here is a quick recap of the takeaways:

  • Bluetooth connection issues often arise from compatibility issues.
  • Other causes are interference, pairing issues, hardware problems, power-related issues, or software glitches.
  • To solve Bluetooth connection issues, check your Bluetooth settings, reboot your devices, clear connected devices, or use third-party Bluetooth devices.
  • Alternatively, take your car to a qualified professional.

Now you can identify the problem with your Bluetooth connection and solve it.

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