Can You Ride with AAA Tow Truck: Passenger Policy Explained

Traveling with a broken-down vehicle can be stressful, but AAA’s roadside assistance aims to alleviate some of that strain. However, safety provisions alter services more often than you might think. For example, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many tow truck companies, including AAA, implemented social distancing measures that no longer allowed passengers to ride in the tow truck cabin. Although the pandemic has subsided, some of these guidelines remain in place as general safety measures, which can affect your experience with roadside assistance services.

A tow truck pulls a vehicle along a busy highway

We recognize that the question of whether you can accompany your vehicle on its journey to a service center or back home is an important one. AAA, in response to the constantly changing health and safety landscape, provides updated service options to accommodate members. They have partnered with transportation services like Lyft to offer alternatives when traditional tow truck ride-alongs aren’t available. By doing so, they ensure that you’re not left stranded and can reach your destination safely, though the specifics may vary depending on your AAA membership level and current company policy.

Our safety is paramount when we’re on the road, an assurance AAA takes seriously. Their roadside assistance is designed to ensure that both your vehicle and you reach a place of safety promptly, even if it means traveling separately. It’s not just about the destination but also the security and peace of mind during those unexpected travel interruptions. Keep this in mind and check with AAA for the most current information regarding passenger policies in tow trucks to prepare for any road mishaps that may occur.

AAA Membership Benefits

As your trusted source for roadside assistance, we at AAA offer a range of membership plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of our members. Each membership level caters to different preferences and provides exclusive services that ensure help is always just a call away, especially when you’re on the road.

Classic vs. Plus vs. Premier

Membership Level Classic Membership Plus Membership Premier Membership
Towing Up to 5 miles Up to 100 miles One 200-mile tow; up to 100 miles for other tows
Lockout Service $50 coverage $100 coverage Up to $150 coverage
Fuel Delivery Free delivery (pay for fuel) Free delivery and free fuel Free delivery and free fuel
Battery Service Jumpstart and testing Jumpstart, testing, and battery replacement Jumpstart, testing, and battery replacement
Extrication/Winching One service vehicle and driver Two service vehicles and drivers if needed Two service vehicles and drivers if needed

Each membership tier enhances the services available to our members, with the Premier level being the most comprehensive. Classic membership is an economical choice for local drivers, while Plus and Premier memberships offer increased benefits for long-distance travel and added coverage for those unexpected situations on the road. Plus members and Premier members enjoy added perks, such as more extensive towing and trip interruption benefits, that can provide additional peace of mind during longer trips.

Exclusive AAA Member Services

Members-Only Discounts: Our AAA membership card gains you access to a wide array of shopping, dining, and travel discounts that can significantly reduce your expenses throughout the year.

Travel Planning Services: Whether you’re looking to book a flight, reserve a hotel room, or plan an entire vacation, our AAA travel agents are here to provide expert advice and exclusive member rates.

Automotive Services: You can rely on our Approved Auto Repair facilities for trustworthy maintenance and repair services, often at a discount for AAA members.

Our membership plans come with unique benefits tailored specifically for our members’ convenience and safety. Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency roadside service, or planning your next big trip, our wide range of services ensure that AAA members are well-prepared for the road ahead.

Comprehensive Tow Truck Services

In providing comprehensive tow truck services, we prioritize efficient operations and strict safety protocols to ensure seamless transportation and roadside assistance.

Understanding Tow Truck Operations

Key Operations:
  • Tow Dispatch: Upon a towing request, a tow truck and a technician are promptly dispatched.
  • Equipment Use: We use appropriate tow equipment for vehicle type and situation.

When you request a tow truck from us, you can track your technician’s route to your location in real-time. We dispatch our tow trucks equipped with necessary tools and technology to handle diverse situations. Our towing company provides various services, including emergency roadside assistance, which can range from fuel delivery to tire changes. Should you need to transport your vehicle due to an accident or breakdown, we have the capabilities for both local and long-distance tows.

Safety Protocols for Tow Truck Drivers

Safety is our priority.

Our tow truck drivers undergo rigorous training to handle all types of emergency situations. They’re equipped with knowledge on handling hazardous materials and are well-versed in roadside safety protocols. We keep our fleet maintained to the highest standards to prevent any safety risks during transportation.

⚠️ Important

Our drivers are versed in the latest safety protocols, including maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and securing vehicles properly before transport to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance and Emergency Services

With our expert knowledge, we guide you through encountering a vehicle breakdown and the comprehensive roadside assistance coverage offered by AAA.

What to Do in a Breakdown Situation

When your vehicle breaks down, it is crucial to remain calm and prioritize safety. Immediately turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers. If possible, steer your vehicle to a safe location away from traffic. Once you’re secure, gauge the issue; if it’s not something you can fix, like a flat tire or minor overheating, you don’t have to worry. Reach for your phone and contact AAA Roadside Assistance; assistance is available 24/7 to ensure you’re not stranded.

Emergency Contact: AAA assistance can be requested by using their online tool, mobile app, or by texting HELP to 800-AAA-HELP.

AAA Roadside Assistance Coverage

AAA Roadside Assistance is designed to get you back on the road or to a safe place if a more complex repair is needed. The key services include towing, flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump-start, and emergency lock-out services. Depending on your membership level, the towing coverage varies, with services available in any car you’re driving or a passenger in.

Service Provided Details
🚗 Towing Varies by membership level, to an Approved Auto Repair facility
⚙️ Flat Tire Change of tire with your spare
⛽ Emergency Fuel Delivery Enough fuel to get you to the nearest station
🔋 Jump Start/Battery Service Battery boost or replacement on the spot
🔑 Locksmith Service If you’re locked out of your car

In case of a breakdown, it is important to note that while we always aim to fix the problem on the spot, some situations may require your vehicle to be towed for further repair. Always keep your AAA membership card handy, as you never know when it may come to your rescue.

Additional AAA Advantages

At AAA, we offer more than just roadside assistance. Our members enjoy a range of services that cover everything from vehicle insurance to travel perks.

Vehicle Insurance and Repair Offerings

Exclusive Insurance Plans: We provide competitively priced insurance options that include coverage for cars, motorcycles, and RVs. Whether you’re in your garage or on a road trip in Canada, you can count on our comprehensive policies.

Trusted Repair Shop Network:

Expert repairs are within reach thanks to AAA’s network of approved auto repair facilities. These shops meet our standards for service and provide exclusive benefits to our members.

Travel and Leisure Services

Leisure Benefits Roadside Assistance
Our members enjoy discounts on hotels, car rentals, and more, allowing for stress-free vacations and travel planning. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance for cars, motorcycles, and RVs, ensuring you’re never left stranded, whether you’re in your driveway or on the open road.

AAA membership comes with the promise of peace of mind on the road with benefits that extend to your daily life and adventures. From trusted vehicle care to unforgettable travel experiences, we’ve got you covered.

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