Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Cost – Expert Advice

Camshaft position sensor replacement cost is a straightforward task if you are a professional mechanic or an experienced DIYer. Usually, the replacement cost varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the location of the sensor, and labor cost.

Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Cost

Also, there are other factors that come into play when replacing a camshaft sensor. In this post, you will get expert advice on the cost of replacing a bad camshaft position sensor and how to get the most for your buck.

Why Is the Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Expensive?

The camshaft position sensor replacement cost is expensive because of the sensor’s quality. When it comes to replacing a camshaft position sensor, the quality of the replacement sensor has a direct impact on the cost you incur. Most manufacturers of high-quality sensors design them to meet or exceed OEM standards.

As a result, high-quality sensors come at a high price tag compared to low-quality alternatives. The reason being high-quality sensors are made from superior materials with tighter tolerances and undergo rigorous testing. These contribute to better performance, reliability, and accurate readings.

If you go for a high-quality camshaft position sensor, you get a durable replacement. Such sensors can withstand high temperatures, vibrations, and demanding conditions in the engine. This is what causes a camshaft position sensor to go bad.

On the other hand, if you go for a cheap low-quality sensor, it will be unable to withstand harsh engine conditions which cause it to fail prematurely. Therefore, by investing in high-quality sensors you get a sensor with a longer lifespan which decreases the likelihood of replacing it in the near future.

Even though a high-quality sensor is more expensive up front, the cost savings, in the long run, makes it a worthwhile investment. In addition, manufacturers of high-quality sensors tend to offer longer warranties and readily available customer support. Although this does not directly affect the upfront replacement cost, it gives you added value and peace of mind.

Labor Rates Impact Sensor Replacement Costs

Another significant factor to consider when replacing a faulty camshaft position sensor is the labor charge. The labor charge affects how much you spend when replacing a camshaft position sensor in various ways. For example, hiring a professional mechanic to replace the sensor correctly and efficiently comes at a cost. The expert charges for their time and skills.

Usually, the mechanic will charge you an hourly rate. That said, the hourly rate changes depending on factors such as the expert’s location, reputation, and level of expertise. For instance, if the expert’s auto repair shop is in a prestigious location, the hourly rate will be high which increases the overall labor cost.

In addition, the complexity of replacing your vehicle’s bad camshaft position sensor contributes to the labor cost. For example, if your vehicle offers easier access to the sensor, it will take less time and effort to replace the sensor.

However, if the sensor is in a hard-to-reach area, it will require the mechanic to remove other components or panels to access the sensor. Therefore, the more complex the replacement the more time it requires to get it done which raises the overall labor cost.

So, how much does it cost to replace a camshaft actuator?

The sensor alone can cost anywhere from $25 to $100 while the labor can be anywhere between $70 and $100.

Additional Repairs Turn a Simple Fix Into a Budget Nightmare

Extra repairs affect the overall cost when replacing a camshaft sensor. As you replace this sensor, it is advisable that you inspect related components that could cause sensor fail. When you come across a component that is nearing its end, you need to replace it to avoid future issues. This will increase your upfront cost, but it will save you money by sparing you a separate repair expense down the line.

Why Is Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement Expensive

Also, as the mechanic performs diagnostic testing, the results may reveal other underlying issues why your vehicle won’t start. For instance, diagnostic testing may identify problems such as a bad fuel pump and issues with the ignition that trigger the check engine light. Addressing these issues alongside the position sensor replacement ensures optimal engine performance but it adds to the overall cost.

Furthermore, additional repairs often require more labor and time all of which contribute to the overall cost. Extra repairs require the mechanic to allocate more time to carry out the necessary inspections, repairs, or maintenance tasks. The complexity of the extra repairs together with the expertise necessary will influence labor charges and the final cost of replacing the failing camshaft position sensor.

Some of the repairs that may add to the overall cost include:

  • Oil change
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Replacing valve cover

Your Vehicle’s Make Affects Sensor Replacement Costs

Another factor that significantly affects the cost of replacing a broken camshaft position sensor is the make the model of your vehicle. The design of some cam sensors fits specific vehicle makes and models. This happens because different manufacturers use different cam sensor designs, mounting locations, and connectors.

Therefore, the cost varies depending on the model and make of your vehicle. For instance, a crank sensor cost Hyundai attracts is different from the cost a Ferrari attracts.

That said, sensors for popular and common vehicles are readily available and competitively priced. However, if you drive a less common or specialized vehicle, you may have a challenge finding a replacement for your malfunctioning camshaft sensor. As a result, you will pay a higher price for it.

Also, the location of the sensor varies depending on the make and model. If your vehicle offers easy access to the sensor, the replacement process is simpler and quicker. However, if the sensor is in a hard-to-reach area that requires disassembling the surrounding components it will increase the cost of replacing it.

As well, if your vehicle comes with advanced engine management systems such as VVT or direct injection may require special sensors or intricate replacement procedures.

What’s the Best Solution to Camshaft Sensor Replacement Cost?

The best solution to camshaft sensor replacement cost is getting quotes from different repair shops. Doing this lets you compare prices. This lets you identify any significant price differences when deciding which shop offers the most competitive and fair price for the service. It gives leverage when negotiating the cost.

To get started search for crankshaft sensor repair near me and request their quotes. With this information, you can discuss the pricing with your favorite repair shop. If another shop provides a more favorable quote, you can ask your favorite shop to match or beat the price.

This is one of the best ways in which you can save on the cost of replacing a bad camshaft sensor and solving the check engine light. Also, you may get complimentary services or discounted labor rates.

Getting quotes from various repair shops gives you an understanding of the average cost of carrying out a camshaft position sensor replacement. Also, this allows you to assess the quality of service you get from each establishment. If you are wondering –

how long does it take to replace a camshaft sensor?

It depends on factors such as the location of the sensor and the expertise of the mechanic.

Consider Aftermarket Options To Unlock Cost Savings

Another effective way of addressing the cost of replacing the camshaft position sensor is by considering aftermarket options. Usually, aftermarket sensors come at a lower price compared to OEM sensors. Since aftermarket manufacturers do not have the same overhead costs or reputation as OEM suppliers, they provide affordable alternatives.

Therefore, choosing an aftermarket sensor can save you money on the upfront cost of replacing the camshaft position sensor.

In addition, most aftermarket sensors meet OEM specifications, an indication that they perform reliably. If you go for a high-quality aftermarket sensor, you get comparable performance to an OEM sensor at a lower cost. Furthermore, the extensive availability of aftermarket options makes it easy to find compatible sensors.

Some of the reputable aftermarket cam sensors are:

  • Duralast crankshaft position sensor su8488 at AutoZone
  • Acdelco 213-354 engine crankshaft position sensor
  • Duralast crankshaft position sensor su3224 at AutoZone
  • Duralast crankshaft position sensor su1207 at AutoZone
  • Duralast crankshaft position sensor su4012 at AutoZone
  • Duralast crankshaft position sensor su6482 at AutoZone

DIY Installation Reduces Camshaft Sensor Replacement Costs

If you have the necessary mechanical tools and skills, you can do a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installation. This is a cost-effective way of addressing the replacement expense. Doing it yourself eliminates the need to pay for professional labor. In a repair shop, labor charges account for a huge portion of the total cost of getting the camshaft position sensor replaced.

Also, doing it yourself eliminates the need to pay a diagnostic fee. If you are wondering –

is it easy to replace a camshaft sensor?

The answer is there are many online resources that provide you with step-by-step instructions for your vehicle. What’s more, you will see more video resources on platforms such as Youtube. Using these free or low-cost resources reduces the overall cost.

Diy Installation of Camshaft Sensor

As well, as a DIYer, you get to choose the sensor that fits your budget provided it is compatible with your vehicle. This flexibility lets you find a sensor that balances quality and cost-effectiveness.

Warranty Coverage Slashes Camshaft Sensor Replacement Cost

If your vehicle is still under warranty or an extended warranty, it can significantly address the cost of replacing a faulty camshaft position sensor. This can fully address all the costs of replacing the sensor. As a result, it eliminates the financial burden of replacing it. It effectively lets you address the problem without additional cost.

Best Solution to Camshaft Sensor Replacement Cost

The warranty often covers the cost of the sensor and the labor of replacing the faulty one. This results in significant cost savings. That’s why having a warranty provides you peace of mind knowing that it takes care of unexpected repairs such as camshaft sensor replacement.

Also, if you invest in an extended warranty that covers sensor replacements, you extend the financial protection and decrease the costs associated with such repairs.

Regular Maintenance Cuts Down Camshaft Sensor Expenses

It may not surprise you but regular maintenance plays an important role when it comes to addressing the cost of replacing the camshaft sensor. First, regular maintenance lets you detect early potential problems with your car that may affect the camshaft sensor.

For instance, suppose you get an engine warning light and at the same time experience bad fuel economy. You may not be aware but bad fuel consumption is one of the most common symptoms of an issue with your engine. When you point this out to your mechanic, they can easily establish sensor deterioration through fault codes or camshaft position sensor symptoms.

By catching such problems early on, you can address them before escalating into severe issues and potentially avoid the need for a full sensor replacement. Also, a well-maintained engine puts less strain on the camshaft position sensor and other components. As a result, regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your vehicle’s camshaft sensor.

Replacement Cost of Camshaft Position Sensor

Why Didn’t Replacing the Camshaft Position Sensor Fix the Code Issue?

Replacing the camshaft position sensor might seem like the obvious fix for a code issue, but sometimes it doesn’t resolve the problem. There could be underlying issues such as electrical problems or faulty wiring. In such cases, the camshaft position sensor replacement solution alone may not be sufficient. It’s important to thoroughly diagnose the issue before jumping to conclusions and exploring other potential fixes.


In this post, you have learned the various factors that affect the cost of replacing a camshaft sensor and how to address the cost.

Here is a recap of the key points:

  • The cost of replacing a camshaft position sensor varies depending on factors such as sensor quality and labor charges.
  • Other factors include additional repair or vehicle make and model.
  • You can address the cost of replacement by seeking quotes from various repair shops, doing a DIY installation, or exploring aftermarket options.
  • Also, you can address the cost by taking advantage of the vehicle warranty and performing regular maintenance.

With this understanding, you can choose the approach that you feel will conquer the camshaft repair cost and keep your vehicle running at its best.

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