C7 Corvette Twin Turbo Kit: Boosting Performance with Expert Precision

The C7 Corvette represents a significant leap forward in performance and design over its predecessors, with enthusiasts often seeking to maximize its potential.

Twin turbo kits are a popular upgrade among C7 Corvette owners who desire a substantial increase in power output.

These systems are designed to force more air into the engine’s combustion chambers, resulting in a dramatic enhancement of horsepower and torque.

C7 Corvette Twin Turbo Kit: Boosting Performance with Expert Precision

Our experience with twin turbo kits has proven them to be transformative, bolstering the already impressive performance of the C7 Corvette.

Careful consideration of the various options available can yield astonishing results. Some systems on the market make it possible to achieve well over 600 horsepower at the wheels on a stock setup with only minimal boost.

This level of performance upgrade not only thrusts the C7 Corvette into supercar territory in terms of speed but also maintains a level of driveability conducive to both road and track use.

Offering robust customer service, we ensure that all your queries and technical needs are addressed when considering a twin turbo installation for your C7 Corvette.

A well-executed turbo system, paired with responsive customer support, provides a reliable upgrade path that fully leverages the Corvette’s capabilities.

Whether your aim is improved street performance or a competitive edge on the racetrack, a twin turbo kit offers a significant performance leap for the C7 Corvette.

Exploring the Turbo System

Deploying a twin turbo kit into your C7 Corvette significantly augments power by feeding compressed air into the engine’s combustion chamber, allowing a mix of more fuel for a bigger explosion.

Let’s investigate the intricate components and tuning necessary to optimize such a robust addition to your vehicle.

Key Components of Turbochargers

The core components of a turbocharger include the turbine, compressor, and the interconnecting shaft.

The turbine harnesses energy from the exhaust gases to spin the compressor, which then compresses air and pushes it into the engine.

We specifically look for kits with high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel for durability.

Essential Twin Turbo Kit Components
– **Turbos**: The heart of the system, often oil-less for reduced maintenance.
– **Wastegates**: Maintain precise control over boost pressure, some kits feature Turbosmart 40mm units.
– **Piping**: Conducts exhaust and compressed air, with a focus on quality materials like 304 stainless steel and options for ceramic coating to improve thermal transfer.
– **BOV (Blow-Off Valve)**: Releases excess pressure, high-quality kits may include Turbosmart Race Port BOV.

Importance of Intercooling

An intercooler cools the compressed air from the turbos, enhancing the oxygen density and improving combustion efficiency.

It’s a pivotal component for managing heat and preventing detonation, which can lead to engine damage.

Systems with an intercooler can ensure more consistent performance and potentially extend engine life under high-stress conditions.

Tuning for Optimal Performance

Once a twin turbo system is installed, tuning is crucial.

Proper tuning ensures the engine runs smoothly while maximizing the performance gains from the turbos.

We might adjust fuel maps, ignition timing, and boost pressure to match the power goals while maintaining reliability.

It’s important to recognize that each vehicle might respond differently, hence the necessity for customized tuning.

Proper tuning can lead to significant increases in horsepower and torque, making it a critical step after installing a twin turbo system.

Maximizing Horsepower and Torque

In pursuit of peak performance, specifically maximizing horsepower and torque in a C7 Corvette, aftermarket twin turbo kits play a crucial role.

These systems not only enhance power figures but also provide customization to fit various performance goals.

Innovations in Turbo Technology

Turbo technology has seen significant advancements, with manufacturers like UPP offering cutting-edge solutions to boost power.

Our kit uses Gen 2 oil-less 67mm billet wheel turbos to ensure a surge in power, reliably delivering 609whp at 6psi on pump gas with a stock exhaust.

But when pushing the system to 7psi, we’ve recorded an impressive 678whp with 696ft/tq.

This level of performance is supported by a comprehensive 2 year warranty, backing both craftsmanship and reliability.

Key Turbo Kit Specs:

  • 609whp at 6psi with stock exhaust
  • 678whp and 696ft/tq at 7psi post-exhaust upgrade
  • Gen 2 oil-less 67mm billet wheel turbos
  • 2 year warranty on turbo system

Building a Strong Foundation

To fully harness the power of a twin turbo setup, a solid foundation is critical.

Enhancing the Corvette’s stock bottom end, especially in a Z06 car with a ported stock blower and snout with long tubes, unfolds the potential for over 800 rear wheel horsepower on a built engine.

The customization options cater to both, preserving the factory engine integrity on a base model or facilitating upgrades to a built engine setup aimed at the highest echelons of power and performance.

Component Performance Gain
Stock Bottom End Capable of supporting significant boost levels with reliability
Z06 Upgraded with Long Tubes Potential to reach 800+ rear wheel horsepower

Enhanced Durability and Aesthetics

In enhancing the Corvette C7 with a twin turbo kit, we prioritize not only performance but also the longevity and visual appeal of the components.

Warranty and Material Quality

Our twin turbo kits are supported by robust warranties that bring peace of mind.

The components made of 304 stainless steel offer a perfect blend of durability and performance, often accompanied by warranties up to a 2 year warranty.

Specific kits may even boast a lifetime warranty, emphasizing our confidence in the material quality.

Key Durability Features:
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Available lifetime warranty
  • Standard 2 year warranty

Design and Appearance

A major aspect of our kit design is to enhance the overall appearance of your C7 Corvette.

The kits not only perform exceptionally but also look the part, with options like a matte black finish or ceramic coating that provide a sophisticated touch.

These coatings not only add to the aesthetic but also contribute to the heat resistance and longevity of the turbo system.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Heat Resistant Finishes

The Ultimate C7 Twin Turbo System

If you own a C7 Corvette and hunger for more power, then upgrading to a twin turbo system will catapult your vehicle’s performance to new heights.

Our C7 twin turbo kit unlocks the Corvette’s potential, turning it into a pavement-tearing powerhouse.

Power Increase

  • 609WHP with 6PSI on a stock exhaust
  • 678WHP and 696FT/TQ with 7PSI after exhaust upgrade

The kit includes T304 stainless steel tubular manifolds and oil-less billet wheel turbos, ensuring not just an increase in power but also reliability.

We’ve designed components such as downpipes and an X pipe to minimize heat and backpressure, enhancing turbo efficiency.

The 3-ply silicone couplers and stainless steel t-bolt clamps provide durable and airtight connections, essential for maintaining consistent boost levels.

Our front mount air-to-air intercooler tackles IAT issues, maintaining cooler charge temperatures for sustained performance.

Meanwhile, Turbosmart 40mm wastegates and Race Port BOV precisely control boost, preventing any potential damage from overboosting.

Key Components:

– Heat Shields
– Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank
– Spark Plug Wires and Valve Vanity Covers
– Oil-less Units
– Ceramic-coated Down-pipes

For those pushing the limits, a built engine with upgraded cam, valve springs, and headstuds will ensure the internals can cope with the increased stress.

A fuel pump upgrade and port injection kits further augment this system for those eyeing a four-figure power output.

Installation Note:

Installation of our kit is streamlined to be accessible and manageable. Although we encourage a professional install for optimal results, our comprehensive instructions guide skilled enthusiasts through the process.

Our system is fully customizable to cater to individual requirements, providing flexibility whether you’re upgrading a stock bottom end or a high-performance built engine.

This transformative kit ensures your Corvette C7 not only performs better but stands out as the ultimate expression of American muscle and engineering prowess.

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