BMW Panoramic Sunroof: What Are the Pros and Cons?

BMW panoramic sunroof, while often regarded as one of the most luxurious additions everyone desires, has certain negatives. Cars with panoramic sunroofs are becoming more widespread.

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Whereas a standard sunroof was formerly considered a luxury, the feature has since become common and has developed into one of the greatest trends and glass panels on current cars. This guide explains the meaning of panoramic sunroof, its pros and cons, and other essential things to know.

What Is a BMW Panoramic Sunroof?

A BMW panoramic sunroof is a larger version of the traditional BMW sunroof, although not always with the same opening or tilting features. The word ‘panoramic sunroof’ is self-explanatory, as ‘panoramic’ refers to a vast view around the observer, and a sunroof is a car’s openable roof panel.

This provides the illusion of an open roof over the occupants by stretching as broad as feasible between the exterior structural pieces of a car’s roof. It usually spans more forward and back than usual. A panoramic sunroof often spans the whole width of the roof and.


In many cases, it butts up against the top of the windshield and reaches rearward of, at the very least, the front-seat occupants.

Sometimes, a car with a dual- or triple-pane sunroof can be considered a panoramic sunroof. This is because the see-through roof is split in two to open a piece of the top, while the closed configuration allows as much light into the cabin as possible.

What Are the Classes of Panoramic Sunroofs?

The classes of panoramic sunroofs are fixed panoramic glass roofs, and panoramic windshields, Infinity roof, dual-plane or triple-plane panoramic sunroofs and sky roofs. There are several variations on the panoramic roof. There are several variations of the word, such as a panoramic BMW moonroof instead of a sunroof.

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However, this is only a naming practice and the two phrases are now considered equivalent. Previously, moonroofs were made of glass, whereas sunroofs were openable, opaque panels rather than transparent. Here is an explanation of the classes of panoramic sunroofs:

  • Sky Roof – While not an official word for a glass top or panoramic sunroof, a few manufacturers have used it. Bugatti, for example, offered a ‘Sky View’ roof with two glass panels on both of the central roof spine for the Chiron.On the other hand, BMW offers a Sky Lounge Panoramic Sunroof for the i7 that features LED light threads that can vary from opaque to transparent.
  • Panoramic Windshield/Windscreen – The glass stretches entirely or partially over the occupants. The Lucid Air’s Glass Canopy roof, which adjoins a second glass panel over the cabin’s rear, is an excellent example.
  • Fixed Panoramic Glass Roof -This is a single fixed glass panel encompassing the entire passenger area, similar to the panoramic roof Tesla recently upgraded on the Model S. These vehicles lack standard roof panels.
  • Dual-Pane or Triple-Pane Panoramic Sunroof – These vehicles typically have a full glass roof divided into two or three panels. One can slide open while the other(s) remain fixed. The Subaru Ascent is an example of a dual-pane panoramic sunroof. This is separate from the 2023 Kia Carnival, which has a panoramic double sunroof.
  • Infinity Roof – This is a name given to the four replaceable transparent glass panels on the GMC Hummer EV. However, this is not a panoramic sunroof; the glass roof has fixed structural cross elements that impede the view, rendering it unfit for the category.

What Are the Pros of BMW Panoramic Sunroofs?

The pros of BMW panoramic sunroofs are improved cooling, playing a role in maintaining health, improved style, enhanced mood, better resale value and increased cooling.

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When you look at the sunroof’s advantages, you’ll see it as an excellent car to consider.

  • Occupant wellbeing: Because we spend most of our lives indoors, we usually don’t get enough sun exposure. A panoramic sunroof may be healthier for your health since it allows you to be exposed to sunshine. This, in turn, helps our bodies produce vitamin D.
  • Stylish: It looks good to have a BMW panoramic sunroof cover. Especially one that reaches back from the windshield. An automobile can appear more sleek and athletic than it is because of the reflected shine and darker hue.
  • Enhanced mood: A lighter, brighter cabin might improve your mood and health. Additionally, it can help the cabin feel less cramped and more open. You should consider getting one of the BMW sunroofs cars.
  • High resale value: Having a panoramic sunroof can increase the value of your automobile when you decide to trade it in or sell it. This is because they are seen as desirable luxury features. So you can easily resell your car for a high price and buy another one.
  • Increased cooling: Tilting the panoramic sunroof will let hot air escape upward if you’ve been parked in the sun. Facilitating the natural flow of hot air also allows you to more easily and swiftly expel heated air when you get into an automobile. This is one of the reasons many people choose to go to the BMW sunroof series.

What Are the Cons of BMW Panoramic Sunroofs?

The cons of BMW panoramic sunroofs are lower efficiency, low headroom, increased center of gravity, moisture in cold climates, need for maintenance and potential damage.

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There is nothing that has advantages that won’t have its disadvantages. So it is expected that the excellent sunroof also has its disadvantages.

Here are the BMW panoramic sunroof problems:

Increased Center of Gravity

Higher up in the car, there is more weight due to the glass panels and the machinery that opens them. Because of this, handling may suffer when the center of gravity rises.

The performance of a car with a performance bias, such as a BMW M3, can be affected by swapping out the carbon fiber roof for a sunroof. However, most drivers won’t notice the slight change.

Lower Headroom

When a panoramic sunroof is installed in a car that does not open up to the top, the panel slips into a hole in the roof. Automakers must reduce headroom by up to 1.5 inches to accommodate this. It will require lowering the interior roof height.

Moisture in Cold Weather

Condensation inside the cabin can occur while parking automobiles with a panoramic glass roof outside in cold weather.

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This is because glass lacks the insulation of traditional roof panels and their multi-layer construction. This is a very big disadvantage and it can discourage you.

Decreased Efficiency

Although panoramic sunroofs are useful for removing heat, they also lessen the effectiveness of climate control systems since direct sunlight heats the cabin.

Though future sunroofs may be able to dim different parts of the glass, older automobiles may noticeably suffer from a difference in sunroof performance compared to newer models with higher insulation.

The additional weight of these systems adds to the drain by increasing the effort required of the engine or electric motors. Compared to conventional combustion automobiles, hybrids with panoramic roofs may be more affected by this.

Need for Maintenance

With motors controlling the roof and its shades, there are more moving parts and more maintenance requirements. This increases the chances that something will break or need to be fixed. Additionally, the rubber seals deteriorate with time and may cause leaks in the cabin.

Potential Damages

Glass fractures faster than a full metal roof panel, even though it is strengthened and tempered. Due to a few worldwide instances involving VW and the Golf GTI, some OEMs will not allow you to specify wider wheels with certain panoramic sunroofs.

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Bigger wheels or anything else that could affect the ride quality meant that tremendous shock was likely to be absorbed by the body structure. This increases the risk that the glass roof would break from vibration. It goes without saying that fixing a broken or cracked sunroof is expensive.It is not something you can fix with your repair kit.

What Are the BMW With Panoramic Sunroofs?

The BMW with panoramic sunroofs are the BMW X3, BMW 3-Series, BMW X1, BMW 5-Series and BMWX6. Others are BMW X5, BMW X2, BMW 7-Series, BMW 4 AND BMW X5 panoramic sunroof. So, if you’re looking to own any of the BMW sunroof series, you can pick any of these.


BMW X3 is a compact, high-end SUV. Performance, fuel economy, and practicality are all combined. The X3 has a spacious cabin that can accommodate all passengers, a large selection of essential and optional amenities, and agile handling.

Not every unit has a panoramic roof, although it is available in the sDrive 28i, xDrive 28i, xDrive 35i, and xDrive 28i trim levels. A BMW X3 costs approximately 43,000 dollars.

BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series is a high-end sedan with lots of trunk and backseat capacity, excellent handling, and smooth powertrains. Few sedans in this class can match the BMW 3-Series for luxury and sportiness. Moreover, the panoramic roof is offered in the i and i xDrive trim levels. A brand-new BMW 3 series panoramic sunroof costs approximately 40,000 dollars.


Despite its enormous appearance, this SUV is just a midsize car. That said, it ought to have had a greater back view and trunk space. But even with its tough engine lineup, sophisticated infotainment system, and competent handling, it’s a beautiful automobile.

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A panoramic sunroof is standard on all model levels. BMW X6 is somewhat costly. You need to budget at least 60,000 dollars for this SUV.

BMW 5-Series

One of the greatest midsize luxury automobiles is this one. In addition to its impressive handling, roomy cabin, abundance of standard amenities, and user-friendly infotainment system, the 5-Series has powerful engines.

Sadly, purchasing this beauty will set you back a significant amount of cash. All trim levels once more have access to the panoramic BMW sunroof open. The 5-Series BMW panoramic sunroof price is at least 45,000 dollars.


Are you searching for a luxury brand’s entry-level SUV? All you need is the BMW X1. Drivers with more sophistication may be dissatisfied with the infotainment system or the boring design. Still, it’s a tiny SUV with sharp handling, ample load space, and a powerful and snappy turbo engine.

Given the price of the BMW X1, it should be around 38,000 dollars.


Our unique guide explains everything you need about the BMW panoramic sunroof. Let’s have a quick rundown of some of the essential points mentioned.

  • A BMW panoramic sunroof is a larger version of the traditional BMW sunroof, although only sometimes with the same opening or tilting features.
  • The classes of panoramic sunroofs are fixed panoramic glass roofs, panoramic windshields, Infinity roofs, dual-plane or triple-plane panoramic sunroofs and sky roofs.
  • The BMW M series is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a luxury vehicle with exceptional performance.
  • Additionally, you can have a sunroof seal installed if you so desire. Just remember that it will raise the car’s price.
  • The BMW with panoramic sunroofs are the BMW X3, BMW 3-Series, BMW X1, BMW 5-Series and BMWX6. Others are BMW X5, BMW X2, BMW 7-Series, BMW 4 AND BMW X5.

Is there a sunroof on the BMW M series? Sure is the response. BMW can install one for you or purchase an aftermarket sunroof.

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