Blend Door Actuator Reset: How To Do It the Easy Way

You can easily perform a blend door actuator reset by removing the fuse that supplies power to the HVAC control module. After that, turn the car on after about 60 seconds, switch it OFF, reconnect the fuse, and turn it ON again.

Blend Door Actuator Reset: How To Do It the Easy Way

We have explained this process in a step-by-step guide to make it easier for you to understand and execute. You will also find other essential details, including reasons why you might need to reset the actuator.

How To Do a Blend Door Actuator Reset in Simple Steps

To do a blend door actuator reset in your car, you must disconnect the power by pulling out the switch supplying power to the AC control module. Next, turn the car ON and get the AC cycle from hot to cold before switching the vehicle OFF and reinstalling the fuse.

When you replace parts of your car, a reset might be necessary to keep things functioning normally. That’s where resetting an actuator comes in. The actuator is a critical component of a car’s heating and air conditioning (HAVC) system.

As the name suggests, this device is connected to the blend doors via linkages. It blends cold and hot air to achieve the optimum temperature inside the car.

Take note that resetting the actuator is similar in almost all cars. The only small difference is in the compatibility, packaging case and the removal procedure involved.

In some modern vehicle models, you can reset the actuator electronically using an OBD scanner (diagnostic) tool. So, you should check if this is possible in your car model. So, how do you perform the reset?

Here are the simple steps to do that like a pro:

– Turn off the Ignition and Remove the Fuse

Turn off the vehicle and disconnect the power by taking the fuse that supplies power to the AC control module. You should find the fuse under the rear seat on the left. Also, you can identify its number by observing the electrical drawings.

Turn off the Ignition and Remove the Fuse

The fuse will be labelled #37 10 amp HVAC (BATT). Also, you can disconnect the positive battery terminal through the Instrument Panel Control Module to avoid electric shock.

– Turn on the Vehicle

Ensure you’ve packed your car and engaged the parking brake. You should perform this exercise outside or ensure the vehicle is well-ventilated.

With the car, ON, switch on the AC system. Use the selector knob to move the settings from full cold to full hot to conclude the cycle.

– Switch off the Car and Reinstall the Switch

After about 1-3 minutes, turn OFF the car and reconnect the fuse inside the junction box. This time will allow the module memory to clear. Take note that resetting your actuator won’t be successful if you install the fuse in less than a minute, so give it enough time to clear.

After about three minutes, start your car and observe the actuator’s motion. The signals from the AC control module should regulate the position after about 30 seconds. You can modify the operational function by feeling the air coming out of the vents and adjusting the temperature settings.

Once the actuator has reset successfully, the changes will be notable at the end of each function. Everything should be working fine at this point. If not, you should seek the help of a professional. You can also use the repair manual for your specific vehicle model.

How To Know If You Need to Reset the Blend Door Actuator

To know if you need to reset the actuator, find one of the following reasons: you just installed a new actuator or the existing one requires recalibration after disconnecting the IP module fuse. You may also need to reset the actuator when it gets stuck.

So what happens when the AC actuator malfunctions? The actuator will not affect your car’s engine performance. It’s a comfort feature that helps control the vehicle’s internal temperature. Therefore, AC actuator malfunctions will only likely affect the car’s interior comfortability.

Let’s break this down for you:

– Reset After a New Actuator Installation

Like any other electronic device, the actuator can break or malfunction. It’s a wear-and-tear item, and at one time in the life of your car, you’ll probably need to replace it. So, if you had a defective blend and have replaced it, you must reset it.

Actuator Can Break or Malfunction

It’s not always guaranteed that everything will normally work after replacing the bad blend door. Thus, that’s why resetting it comes in handy.

– Your Actuator Requires Recalibration

A recalibration is usually necessary after disconnecting the system module fuse. This procedure ensures that the actuator remains in its best position.

In most cases, you’ll need to recalibrate the actuator electronically. However, you may require recalibrating it manually, especially if you hear weird noises during engine ignition.

– Reset When the Actuator Is Stuck

Actuators can also get stuck. The noises you hear during ignition may be one of the signs of that. The actuator could also have a mechanical issue preventing it from functioning properly. In this case, you must ensure a correct diagnosis and then perform a re-calibration.

The actuator’s motor can also run into a fail-safe mode if it’s not receiving enough power. Contaminated tracing pins near the back of the output shaft can also cause an issue if debris is on them and the connection is lost. You can resolve this faulty blend issue by cleaning the pins and resetting the actuator to get it running again.

How To Buy a Suitable Actuator for Your Car

To buy the right actuator for your specific car model, you need to consult the owner’s manual, a professional, or your car dealer. That’s because even though the design of the blend door actuators is almost similar in all cars, compatibility is not homogeneous.

– Check Your Owner’s Manual

Your car owner’s manual often covers almost everything to do with your car. It addresses three main areas, including the location of all controls and how they operate. Also, it describes a schedule and explanations of maintenance your car needs, both by you and the mechanic.

It offers specifics such as part numbers of the various components. Therefore, you’ll know the actuator type you need by checking the manual.

– Buy Online

The great thing is that these parts are available online and contain information on which car models they can fit. Before placing an order, you’ll need to read the product’s description to find out which car the actuator is compatible with.

For instance, if you’re buying the Dorman 604-029 HVAC blend door actuator, you’ll see that it’s compatible with multiple Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram ProMaster models. Similarly, the Motorcraft YH1744 motor ASY fits all Ford and Lincon vehicles. The Motorcraft YH1933 heater blend door actuator is also compatible with these vehicle models.

If you drive a Dodge Durango or Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Dorman 604-045 HVAC blend door actuator perfectly matches you. The Dorman 604-112 HVAC blend door actuator is also ideal for these models. As mentioned, pay attention to the product’s description before purchasing it.

– Consult Your Car Dealer

Your vehicle’s dealership may know about your vehicle more than you do. That’s because the dealer often communicates with the automaker one-on-one. So, the dealership is the right guy to consult, whether it’s a mechanical issue, a part number, or a specific location of that part you need to know.


1. How Can You Identify a Bad AC Actuator?

To identify a bad actuator, watch out for obvious symptoms such as inconsistency in airflow. Another common sign is when you turn on the defrost, but it takes too long to start working. In most cases, your car’s windshield may refuse to defrost or do it very slowly.

Symptoms of a Bad AC Actuator

Another obvious symptom, particularly for cars with dual climate control, is the control responding to one side of the vehicle but getting stuck on the opposite side. That can also be a reason for inconsistent temperature from the HVAC system. You should also identify a faulty actuator by strange noises originating from the dashboard when operated.

2. Why Do the AC Actuators Fail?

The actuators fail because of reasons including corrosion due to the accumulation of moisture and debris into the actuator or the mechanical links over time. The corrosion damages the mechanical links, leading to failure. The actuators are wear-and-tear items, just like other electronic devices. 


In our article above, we have discussed the simple steps to perform a reset on a blend door actuator.

Let’s sum all that up in case you missed something:

  • To reset an actuator, remove the fuse supplying power to the AC and then turn on the car.
  • You must get the AC cycle from full hot to full cold before turning the engine OFF.
  • There are three reasons you might need an actuator reset: installation of a new one, the existing actuator requiring a re-calibration, or if the actuator is stuck.
  • When requiring an actuator replacement, consult a professional or your car dealer to find the right part for your car model.
  • The resetting process of a blend actuator is similar in almost all vehicles. However, you can do it electronically using a diagnostic tool in some modern cars.

We do not doubt that you have all the information you need to reset your car’s blend door actuator, so get it done to ensure it performs as perfectly as it should!

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