9 Best Place for Oil Change Popular Among Motorists

The best place for oil change is an important consideration for a vehicle owner. You see, the places that provide this service are not created equal. Therefore, what is the best to do an oil change?

Where is The 9 Best Place for Oil Change Popular Among Motorists ~ Ran When Parked
In this post, you will learn 10 places that are great for the service.

List of 9 Best Places for Carrying Out Oil Change

1. A Reputable Local/Independent Vehicle Service Center

You most likely know a place that a family member or a friend recommends for your vehicle needs. Usually, a local service center is small and private with a reputation for delivering quality service. However, sometimes these establishments are large businesses.

A Service Center For Vehicles ~ Ran When Parked

If there is none in your town, ask around or check community forums for recommendations. You can even search for the best place for oil change Reddit. The members of the platform will recommend a motor oil change center or auto repair shop in your area.

Such a shop does all the auto repair and car maintenance services such as oil service. Most of these service centers are great since they hire certified technicians and offer the service at a cheaper price compared to dealerships.

The owners of these independent local businesses understand the importance of word of mouth to a business. Therefore, they often are trustworthy.

  • Reputation as an oil change service shop
  • Tends to be cheaper compared to dealerships
  • Eliminates worries about what to do with used high-mileage oil
  • Offers most if not all vehicle repair and maintenance service
  • Fast oil change service
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Independent automotive shop
  • Local auto services
  • Finding a reputable one takes time
  • Hard to find experts on specific vehicle issues

That said, never depend on the advice of one person or a single written review. One of the frequently asked questions is how to find a trustworthy, independent auto shop.

The best way is to search for the online ratings of the shop and comments before making a decision. You will most likely come across an oil service center that offers free brake inspection and tire rotation.

2. Vehicle Dealership for the Top of the Line Oil Service

When it comes to the quality of service, auto dealerships tend to provide the best. Dealerships not only provide you with a factory-trained technician but also technicians who are familiar with your car. These professionals work on specific vehicle models all day every day giving them an advantage over other places.

A Dealership Service Store ~ Ran When Parked

There is perceived safety when you take your car to a dealership auto service center. For instance, the technician can inform you if your vehicle has other issues. This stems from a short drive around and a diagnostic check that dealerships offer during the oil change.

As a result, the dealership will not only change the old oil but also help nip unknown issues early before they get out of control. One of the issues that the technician can spot in advance is oil burning which can cause unexplained oil level drop.

Although other service providers can rely on these methods, dealership technicians tend to have more experience. For instance, in a dealership technicians usually work on specific vehicles every day which allows them to learn more about a vehicle than other providers.

As such, technicians in a dealership know what to look for when dealing with specific vehicles. This is not always the case with general technicians.

  • Great for vehicles under warranty
  • The service is top-notch
  • Sale vehicles and vehicle parts
  • Service and maintain vehicles
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Large corporations
  • Focus on specific vehicles
  • Expensive
  • Most require booking an appointment

In addition, dealerships provide little perks such as free car wash once technicians are through with the service. However, dealerships are the most expensive option for an oil change. That said, the oil change include air filter change as well.

3. Popular Service Station Available Across the Country

This option requires you to look for popular service providers like Lube Express, Wal-Mart’s Tire, or Precision Tune auto care. You can even choose any service station with a national chain that is not purely a quick lube provider.

Inside Of A Car Service Station ~ Ran When Parked

Make sure the chain offers several mechanical services. That said, these outlets offer a service that is best described as a hit or a miss in terms of quality.

  • Affordable service providers
  • Easy to find reputable ones
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Purchase of general service products like oil and oil filters
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Nationwide chains
  • Established service stations
  • Young inexperienced technicians
  • Prefer specific oil and filters

Most of the shops in this option struggle with high technician turnover. As a result, they employ young, inexperienced technicians. In terms of the price you pay for the service, it is average. However, the main issue with these chains is they seem to prefer certain types of filters and oil.

Therefore, if you are picky about the use of conventional oil, then the service will cost more. That said, it is the best place to get a synthetic oil change.

4. Popular and Reputable 10-Minute Oil Change Service

With the 10-minute oil change providers, you get a quick oil change. Ever heard that it is better to take time to do something right once than do it twice? This advice is valuable here.

Car Server With Special Cloth Smiling ~ Ran When Parked

Going to a quick-stop oil change provider like Take 5 Oil Change, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Jiffy Lube, or Pep Boys is convenient. However, these shops struggle with the least experienced technicians.

One of the easiest ways of finding these service providers is to search for the best place for oil change near me online. Alternatively, you can visit Yelp and search for oil change stations based on your location. This way, you will see more options in your area.

For instance, if you are in San Jose, then choose San Jose as your location and search for auto repair shops. Also, you can search oil change Campbell if you are in Campbell. This will show you the most popular and certified car care shops in your area. Also, you can search for oil change San Jose price.

  • The service is fast
  • Available countrywide
  • Oil service
  • General vehicle service
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Quick oil change solution
  • Found everywhere across the country
  • Inexperienced technicians
  • Likely to get a shoddy job

In addition, since these focus on providing fast service, quality tends to suffer. For instance, your car may end up with a stuck oil filter, bad grease fittings, or stripped drain plugs. When you rush for a quick fix, little issues such as these can become huge issues if you do not address them. Therefore, unless you are hard-pressed or know someone who works the station you are going to, quick-stop service stations should be the last option.

5. Do It Yourself: The Cheapest Way of Changing Old Oil

Doing the oil change leaves the cost and quality of service up to you. However, the elephant in the room is do you have the skills and the time to carry out this DIY job? Usually, changing the oil in your car is a simple task. However, issues may arise.

Process of Changing The Motorcycle Oil ~ Ran When Parked

  • The cheapest way to change oil
  • Avoid issues that arise from inexperienced technicians
  • Doing oil change
  • Mechanical repair
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Meant for DIY enthusiasts
  • Home garage repairs
  • Can result in damage if you do not how to do it
  • Spilling oil is a serious health and environmental hazard

You can avoid most of the issues that arise with oil change by doing it yourself. That said, you must know what you are doing if not for anything else, for your safety. For a car junkie of a technician, carrying out the oil change on your own is the cheapest option. Provided you have the expertise and time, the quality of work is on you.

6. Midas Quick Oil Change Provides a Convenient Option

With this quick oil change provider, you get a comprehensive vehicle care service. The provider offers everything from maintenance services to oil changes and specific repair services. At this service provider, you get traditional oil changes, oil leak services, synthetic oil changes, and high motor oil changes.

Changing The Engine Oil With New One ~ Ran When Parked

Just like Jiffy Lube, this service provider’s quick service helps prevent varnish and carbon buildup that is toxic to your car’s engine. The provider also provides extra services such as online tire shopping and fleet service.

  • Available in multiple locations
  • Offers discount promotions
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Fleet services
Distinguish Characteristics
  • A quick oil change solution
  • Competitive prices
  • Inexperienced technicians
  • No guarantee on warranty-approved services

Another similar solution is Speedee oil change. You can use this service to accomplish the same if it is the closest to you.

7. Select German Car Service From Certified Professionals

If you want the oil changed by professionals this service provider is a good one to consider. As the name suggests, this auto repair shop specializes in German cars. Instead of going to the dealership, this shop provides a viable alternative. Some of the services you get include tire rotation, oil change, and oil filter replacement.

Professional Smiling While Servicing The Car ~ Ran When Parked

  • Service is done by certified professionals
  • Offers multi-point inspection service
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Oil change
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Reputable locally owned and operated service station
  • Works on German cars
  • Available only by appointment
  • May not be as thorough as dealerships

This quick lube service provider also does vehicle detailing and servicing of other components such as serpentine belts and brakes. Best of all, this provider offers a free quote for oil change cost.

8. Costa Oil – 10 Minute Oil Change Solution for Motors

If you are in a pinch and need a quick oil change, Costa Oil offers one of the fastest instant solutions. The repair shop even prides itself as a leader of the pack when it comes to fast and affordable oil changes.

Engine Oil Coming Out Of Container ~ Ran When Parked

Thus, just search for a cheap oil change near me and select the nearest shop. The best part is you do not have to leave the comfort of your car as technicians do this service.

  • Appointment not necessary
  • Takes 10 minutes
  • Vehicle repair
  • Oil change
Distinguish Characteristics
  • Family owned
  • Certified technicians
  • Inexperienced technicians
  • Quality may suffer because of the fast nature of the service

Use this option when you have an emergency. It is not advisable to rely on it for all your service needs.

9. Victory Lane Quick Oil Change – Top Service Provider

Victory Lane is another oil change service provider that also offers other vehicle care services. Apart from changing oil, you can get services such as tire changes, fuel system service, and battery replacement. You do not need to book the service for your car to get serviced. Just pop in and let certified technicians do their job.

Woman Changing The Oil Of Motorcycle ~ Ran When Parked

  • Quick and convenient oil service
  • Available countrywide
  • Oil change
  • Battery replacement
  • Tire changes
Distinguish Characteristics
  • It is a franchise
  • Quick oil change
  • Limited service
  • Not available across all the states

Apart from the service, the technicians also provide valuable tips for taking care of your car.


Hopefully, this post has been useful as you make an informed decision on where to do an oil change.

To recap, here are the key takeaways:

  • Dealerships provide the best professional service but the high oil change prices are not for everyone.
  • Local service stations provide a cheaper alternative for dealerships.
  • For a technician on a budget, replacing the used oil by yourself is the cheapest option.
  • Other solutions are quick-stop oil change stations and popular countrywide service stations.
  • However, avoid using the quick oil change stations unless it is an emergency.

With this understanding of the different options at your disposal, you are in a better position to choose the right one.

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