Avis vs Budget: Battle of the Car Rental Companies

This Avis vs Budget comparison guide will show the differences between the two popular rental companies. Choosing the best car rental company can be difficult, especially when your options are narrowed down to two rental brands.

Comparison of Car Rental Companies Avis vs Budget

However, this article highlights the differences to help you choose the best one according to your preferences. Let’s find out what these differences are.

Features Avis Budget
Locations Over 160 countries 120 countries
GPS Yes Yes
Car Insurance Yes Yes
Cost More expensive Cheaper

What Are the Differences Between Avis and Budget?

The main differences between Avis and Budget are the cost of their services and their intended target market. Avis is a higher-end option, while Budget is a more budget-friendly company. In addition, Avis has more branches in more countries around the world compared to Budget.

There are many other significant differences between the two car rental companies. Let us look at factors that differentiate both companies to help you understand their differences.

– Availability and Location

Avis and Budget are available in different countries around the world, but Avis has locations in more than 160 countries while Budget only has locations in 120 countries around the world. If you’re within the United States, you might not notice any differences as they mostly operate on the same lots.

Avis services can be found in almost every corner of the world, even in the smallest countries. On the other hand, Budget is present in fewer countries and has fewer branches.

– Mileage

Most of the cars that are offered at Avis car rentals have unlimited mileage. However, they still have some cars with limited mileage, and for this, you may have to pay additional charges beyond the mileage.

The opposite is the case with Budget car rentals, as only a few cars have unlimited mileage while the majority charge an extra fee when the mileage limit is exceeded.

– Extra Driver

When you rent a car at Avis, you get the option of an extra driver, the cost of which depends on the car you rent. The cost of the extra driver also depends on the number of days you rent the car. Avis provides this service in all their locations.

Budget also offers similar services, and the cost also depends on the number of days and the vehicle you rent. However, Budget does not offer this service in all their locations due to the unavailability of drivers. Therefore, renting a car with an extra driver with Budget depends on your location.

– Rental Requirements for Drivers

You must be at least 25 years before you can rent a car with Avis. However, you can also rent a car if you’re between 21 to 25 years, but the requirements are strict. In addition to the legal age requirement, you must have a driver’s license that has been active for up to 12 months before you can rent a car with Avis.

With Budget, the minimum age to rent a car is 21 years, and you must also have a driver’s license. In addition, Budget requires users to have their own debit or credit card for car hire.

– Reputation

Avis is a more popular and reputable company, and this is because they have been around for a longer period of time. Today, they are one of the oldest car rental companies in the United States. Apart from being a popular brand, people are also attracted to the company because of the quality of services they offer for a cheaper price.

Budget also has a good reputation, but this is less than Avis because it was launched later. People consider the car rental company flexible and affordable, in addition to offering impressive customer service.

– Cost

Avis and Budget also differ in the prices of the rental cars they offer. They charge differently for GPS, child seats, and other services.

Even though the price differences aren’t big, you can find cheaper rates with Budget than with Avis. In addition, Avis accepts more payment options than Budget.

– Discounts Offered

Avis offers low rates for small and medium-sized businesses, and this is under the Avis Corporate Rewards. They also offer free rental days, free upgrades, and extra points on some promotions.

On the other hand, Budget has the Budget Business Club class that allows small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy different offers. This includes free rental days, extra points on some promotions, free upgrades, discounted coupons, and discounted services.

– Returning Cars

Both companies allow users to return cars early, even without prior notice. You won’t be charged extra fees for returns that are made earlier than agreed. With Budget, you will only pay for active days you used the vehicle when you return it earlier than agreed.

However, a key thing to note is that your rental rates may be affected, especially if you booked a rental day period. Also, there are no refunds for prepaid cars.

On the other hand, the penalty for returning cars late varies for both companies, especially with respect to the grace period provided. Car reservations with Avis are made daily, and this is at a 24-hour rate. However, if you exceed this period, you will be charged an extra for additional hours.

Vehicles are also rented on a daily with Budget. However, there’s a 29-minute grace period, after which you will be charged additional fees for extra hours. This will change to a full-day late charge after 90 minutes.

If the tardiness gets to seven hours without you notifying the rental company, you’ll be charged $20 per day. It’s important to note that the grace period does not apply to rental fees, protection charges, surcharges, and other optional equipment.

– Target Market

The target market for both companies differs, even though they are both under the Avis Budget Group. This difference is mostly with respect to the price of the services they offer. Avis focuses more on the leisure and premium sectors, which is why they have newer vehicles and more offers and features.

Generally, the rental market for both companies can be divided into three segments: the premium, middle, and low cost. Avis covers the premium section, with impressive services and modern technology. You basically pay for the whole experience.

Budget caters to the middle segment by providing quality cars and impressive services. However, this is generally at a lower price with very little extras. Payless and Zipcar are also Avis Budget Groups that cater to the low-cost rental segment. The low-cost segment is provided for people who want the cheapest rental cars.

– Overall

Even though both companies share many similarities, they are not the same rental companies. However, they are sister rental companies with locations across different parts of the world. Also, Avis is the parent organization of Budget.

The main similarities between the two companies can be seen from different angles. For example, both companies encourage users to make a deposit to enjoy discounts, but this is not a requirement for customers.

Another similarity between both companies is in the insurance they offer. The insurance covers for property and personal insurance. They also offer third-party insurance and other waivers in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The vehicles offered by both companies are the same, with only a few variations. These vehicles include compact cars, trucks, vans, sports cars, and eco-friendly vehicles. Despite these differences, the main thing to note is that they are definitely not the same company.

What Are Avis’ Characteristics and Specifications?

Avis’ characteristics and specifications include its presence in more than 160 countries, availability of different cars, and excellent customer service. Avis Budget Group is a popular car rental company located in the US. They are a subsidiary of Avis Car Rental.

Specialties of Avis

The company was established by Warren Avis in 1946, and started with three cars in Michigan, which was at the Willow Run Airport. In the beginning, the company’s focus was to become popular and to be the go-to national company.

This was achieved in 1953, as it became the second-largest rental car company in America. Three years later, the company opened international branches in Mexico, Canada, and Europe.

During the early 1970s, the company introduced the first computerized reservations and information systems in the United States and called it Wizard, which is still in use today.

– Specifications

Avis is known for many things, among which include its “We Try Harder” slogan, which was changed to “It’s Your Space” in 2012. The company is available in countries in Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and America.

They also have a range of cars, and this includes specialty cars, eco-friendly cars, sports cars, sedans, 4WD, minivans, SUVs, and commercial cars. The company does not require deposits, but they offer discounts to people who pay in advance, and this has to be four days before the rental day.

An important thing to note about Avis and Budget is that they do not charge cancellation fees if you cancel before the trip. However, they will charge you if the cancellation is made during the rental period.

– Parent Companies

Avis has different different parent companies, including Budget car rental, Budget truck rental, and other popular brands. They also have different local brand associates, which includes Payless Car Rental, France Cars, Maggiore Group, and Apex car rentals.

What Are Budget’s Characterisitcs and Specifications?

Budget’s characteristics and specifications include its presence in 120 countries spread across different countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, America, and Canada. Budget offers different cars, and this includes compact cars, vans, 4WD, minivans, sports cars, sedans, specialty cars, and eco-friendly cars.

Features of Budget

Budget was founded in the year 1958 by Morris Mirkin, and when the company started, they only had ten cars. The company was created to offer its services at low rates to people on a budget. Today, they are one of the most affordable car companies in the United States.

The company opened franchised rental outlets in different parts of the country two years after it was established. Over the years, the ownership of the company has changed across different corporations.

However, Cendant Corporation bought the company in 2002, and it’s worth noting that they also own Avis. Cendant then got divided into four in 2006, and the division for rental services was named Avis Budget Group.

– Specifications

Like Avis, Budget also doesn’t require deposits, but you can enjoy discounts if you book ahead of time. You also get to enjoy insurance when you book a car with Budget. This includes loss damage waiver, third-party insurance, and property and personal insurance. In addition, you can also buy extra insurance.

In general, Budget doesn’t charge per distance. They only have rentals with distance limits, and exceeding these limits comes with an extra fee. Another vital thing to note about Budget is that they offer cancellation in all their locations, except for Australia. Also, you can only make the cancelation online, and the fees will depend on the total rental charge.


We have highlighted all the differences between both companies above. However, the big question is which company is better. Both companies are famous, with many locations in different parts of the world. These companies are both under the Avis Budget Group, and they differ mostly in their target market.

Choosing the best company depends on your location and budget. Budget is the best option for anyone looking to save more money while enjoying impressive services. On the other hand, Avis is a better option if you are after the latest technologies and luxuries and want to enjoy a smoother ride.

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