Automotive Museums in Los Angeles: A Guide to Motor Enthusiast Havens

Los Angeles is a city that embodies the car culture deeply ingrained in the American ethos. From the iconic roads that wind through Hollywood to the legendary car chases featured in countless films, automobiles have become a symbol of the region’s history, culture, and art. In celebration of this mechanical marvel, several automotive museums throughout the city showcase the brilliance of automobile design and its evolution from a functional invention to a canvas for creativity and innovation.

Vintage cars displayed in well-lit museum halls, with polished floors and informative plaques. Brightly colored logos adorn the walls, and visitors admire the classic vehicles

At the heart of LA’s celebration of the motor vehicle is the Petersen Automotive Museum. With its striking exterior and an extensive collection that includes over 300 vehicles, it stands as a testament to the automobile’s impact on lifestyle, leisure, and the mobility movement. Inside, visitors can explore exhibits that range from celebrity cars to futuristic concepts, each narrating a part of the grand automotive story.

Beyond the Petersen, multiple other museums offer their unique take on LA’s automotive narrative. Each establishment plays a crucial role in preserving the dazzling diversity of the car scene that ranges from vintage models to modern supercars. We invite you to join us on this journey through the most iconic institutions that LA has to offer, where every turn and exhibit reveals a new chapter in the art and culture of cars.

Exploring the Petersen Automotive Museum

At the Petersen Automotive Museum, we find a blend of innovation, culture, and design on Museum Row in Los Angeles. Discover sleek Ferraris, iconic movie cars, and rare classics under one roof.

Discovering the Collection

Our Vehicles on Display:

  • Classic Cars: Marvel at the craftsmanship of vintage automobiles.
  • Cars of Film and Television: Come face-to-face with the Batmobile, and time-travel with the “Back to the Future” DeLorean.
  • The Vault: Explore over 250 extraordinary cars with stories to match in a guided tour, showcasing the evolution of automotive history.

Events and Exhibitions

We take pride in hosting events that cater to enthusiasts and families alike. From the exclusive Ferrari Cruise-In events to our involvement in the LA Auto Show, we ensure a year-round celebration of automotive culture.

🚗 Ferrari Cruise-In: Witness the gathering of the most distinguished Ferraris on select days.

🏁 LA Auto Show: Join us for one of the premier automotive events where innovation meets excitement.

Museum Services and Amenities

We’re not just about cars; we ensure a comfortable and accessible experience for all our visitors. With our on-site cafe and thoughtful amenities, we’ve crafted an environment that everyone can navigate with ease.

Parking Information:
Parking Structure Accessibility Services
🅿️ Ample parking available in our dedicated parking garage on-site ♿ Accessible to all, with stroller and wheelchair rentals available

Enjoy lunch and refreshments at our cafe, making sure to fuel up before or after exploring our exhibits. Navigating the three floors of the museum is made simple with elevators, making every floor accessible to every visitor.

Practical Information for Visitors

When planning a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum, it’s important to know the details regarding tickets, memberships, and logistics for your trip. Our guidance is built on providing you with clear, practical information to enhance your museum experience.

Tickets and Memberships


  • General admission tickets can be purchased online or at the museum.
  • Vault tours are available at an additional cost and offer a guided exploration of the museum’s exclusive collection.

Members enjoy unlimited museum admission, exclusive previews, and discounts.

Planning Your Visit

We want to ensure your visit is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Hours Family Friendly Parking Vault Access
Open daily, specific hours vary. Interactive exhibits are designed to be family friendly. Onsite parking is available, with an initial free period and then a flat rate applied. Timed entry into the vault; advance booking recommended.

It’s advised to review the museum’s current exhibitions and events ahead of your visit to maximize your experience. Additionally, exploring the vault should be done with a ticketed entry, which we provide information on through our website and at our service desks.

The Intersection of Automotive and Cultural History

The Evolution of an Industry and Culture

When we explore Los Angeles’s automotive history, we discover a rich tapestry where car culture and artistry intertwine. The Petersen Automotive Museum stands as a vibrant chronicle of this legacy.

Post-renovation, the Petersen Museum not only showcases a vast array of historic and modern vehicles but also serves as an architectural landmark reflecting the dynamism of the industry. Robert E. Petersen envisioned a space where the story of the automobile’s impact is narrated not just through the cars themselves but through various automotive art exhibitions.

Family Engagement and Events

We find particular joy in how the museum engages the younger generation with designated areas for kids to interact and learn about automotive history, stimulating interest and education in both engineering and artistry. Furthermore, it’s a sought-after venue for events, including weddings, where the coupling of a special day with the elegance of motoring history provides a unique, memorable backdrop.

Our experiences of curated guided tours underscore how personalized engagement can enhance understanding and appreciation of automotive evolution. Whether highlighting specific marquees or delving into the realm of concept cars, these tours elevate the visitor experience.

In sum, Los Angeles’s automotive museums offer not just a glimpse into the industry’s past and present but also a lens through which we see the convergence of technological innovation, artistic expression, and cultural significance.

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