Audi A6 Wont Start: All the Possible Causes and Solutions

Audi A6 wont start because of a dead key fob battery, corrosion on your battery terminals, or a dead battery. The Audi A6 is a dependable travel companion and machine with hundreds of interrelated pieces.

Audi A6 Wont Start

However, like all machines, it occasionally fails to perform as intended. This article will discuss the most frequent A6 breakdown causes, along with their solutions.

Why Won’t Your Audi A6 Start?

Your Audi A6 won’t start because the battery might be dead, it has a weak battery, a faulty alternator, a weak key fob, a defective starter motor, a problem with the engine, pump failure, and many more. If you notice these symptoms, you need to get your Audi checked.

– Dead Battery

Your Audi A6 won’t start just clicks if the battery is dead because it is a key component in the starting process. There are many ways to determine if the issue is with your battery. To start, measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter. You should change the battery if it reads 12 volts or less because it is dead.

Utilizing a load tester is another method of battery testing. By doing this, you’d have an idea if the battery can sustain a charge and supply enough power to start your vehicle. It is necessary to replace your battery if it is dead. You may either handle this yourself or have a mechanic handle it.

Most often, replacing a battery is an easy and quick process. The other choice is to jumpstart your vehicle. This quick remedy will enable you to reach a mechanic to let your car start. You will need jumper wires and a different vehicle with a functional battery.

– Defective Fuel Pump

Your car, especially the 2012 Audi A6 won’t start if the pump malfunctions. The pump usually makes sure that the proper volume of fuel is transferred under enough pressure from the fuel tank to the engine’s injection system.

Before your fuel pump breaks down, it usually becomes apparent. If your car’s engine frequently fails, it’s challenging to start, the engine jerks slightly, or the performance of the engine declines, you should have your pump checked.

This could be caused by pump wear or contamination. The gasoline pump is also prone to failure if the pump is leaking or a pump lever is broken.

– Faulty Starter Motor

A starter is a motor that helps start the A6’s engine. The average lifespan of a starter motor is between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. However, if the engine is started more often, the life will be shortened. After operating the car for a while, the starter motor will eventually fail because of its limited lifespan, and if this happens, the engine won’t start.

Causes of Audi A6 Wont Start

If you notice your Audi A6’s engine clicking when you turn the engine on, it is the sound of a damaged starting motor. Additionally, consider the starter to be broken if the motor does not work with a good battery. Otherwise, it could be an Audi A6 ignition switch problem.

– Low Key Fob Battery

If your A6 has a push start/stop button, a low-key fob battery can make it impossible to turn on. Because the battery transmits the signal for locking and unlocking, you can still start your car without any issues. A low key fob battery will prevent the door from locking or opening with a button push.

Then, one must manually open the doors. A passive transmitter controls the Audi A6 immobiliser reset. Since the transponder inside the key is passive, no external power supply is needed.

– Defective Starter

If the battery is functional but your car still won’t start, the starter might be the problem. The starter helps turn the engine over; therefore, the vehicle won’t start if it breaks down. You can easily check if the starter is the issue.

Defective Car Starter

The first step is to verify the starter’s voltage using a voltmeter. If it reads 12 volts or below, the starter needs to be replaced since it is not receiving enough power. Utilizing a load tester is another method of testing the starter. This will show whether you need to replace the starter since it uses too much battery.

If your starter is the issue, you must have it replaced by a mechanic. You need help to complete this task. If your car is more than a few years old, it could be worth thinking about trading it in for a new one because replacing a starter can be pricey.

– Faulty Alternator

A generator that generates electricity is called an alternator. Your A6’s alternator won’t be able to generate electricity if it malfunctions, which will prevent the battery from charging. As a result, even if you replace the batteries because you believe the battery is the problem, the battery will eventually run out and the engine will not start.

Rarely do alternators malfunction. Modern vehicles, in particular, are supposed to perform better and last 200,000 to 300,000 kilometers. However, it could malfunction depending on how you use it. In a used car, the alternator might be highly dated.

– Engine Issues

If your battery is charged and your starter is functioning but your car still won’t start, the engine might be problematic. A few different things can lead to engine issues. A faulty spark plug is the first cause. The engine won’t start because it won’t receive the necessary spark.

Another is a soiled air filter. This may hinder the engine from receiving adequate air, eventually overheating. A broken timing belt is the third problem. The engine will ultimately suffer damage due to the wrong opening or closing of valves.

What Are the Possible Solutions If Your Audi A6 Won’t Start?

The possible solutions if your Audi A6 won’t start is to fix any issues related to the key fob battery or the car engine. You can first test the voltage of your battery. Jumpstarting also helps, and lastly, cleaning your battery. Some car components may also require replacements.

You can make your Audi A6 start by doing the following:

– Test a 12 Volt Battery

You can accurately gauge the battery voltage in your Audi A6 with a multimeter. Before the test, the multimeter is connected to the battery’s plus and minus poles and set to the battery’s voltage range. Readings between 12 and 13 volts are frequently obtained during successful car battery testing or voltage monitoring.

Values above or below 11.5 volts demand a professional assessment of the battery’s condition since, if a problem is found, the battery may need to be replaced.

– Jump Starting the Car

Suppose a dead battery is the source of the issue. In that case, you can easily jump-start your A6 using jumper cables, a functional battery from another vehicle, or, if one is available, a battery booster. The positive terminal of your A6 battery should be connected to the red cable first and then the positive terminal of the donor battery.

Fixes of Audi A6 Wont Start

The negative terminal is nearest to the exposed metal in the engine bay of your A6. Attach the black wire to this terminal. Start the donor vehicle before your A6. Reverse the cables’ removal in order.

– Battery Corrosion Cleanup

In order to clean the battery in your Audi A6, you must first unplug the pole wires. There are no special abilities needed for this. Because the order is essential, all it requires is a little concentration. First, you need to take off the black cable from the negative pole. A tight pole clamp can be opened with pliers.

Using metal pliers is not advised, but if you do, you must take extra precautions to avoid touching other body parts. Next, disconnect the red positive pole cable. After removing a corroded battery from the circuit, you can start cleaning it. After cleaning the terminals, reattach them.

Frequently Asked Question

– How Can You Start an Audi A6 if the Key Fob Battery Is Dead?

You can start an Audi A6 if the key fob battery is dead by positioning your key fob close to the start/stop button. This can only work if your model of A6 only has a key fob with a start/stop button and no location to put a key.

If it still doesn’t work, check your car owner’s manual to find where to put the key fob since model-specific positioning may differ.

Audi A6 Wont Start Solved

Could a Faulty Auto Start Stop System Cause My Audi A6 to Not Start?

Could a faulty auto start stop system cause my Audi A6 to not start? If you’re experiencing this issue, it might be due to a malfunction in your auto start stop system. To address this problem, consider exploring the 11 overlooked fixes for auto start stop. These fixes can help diagnose and resolve any issues with your Audi A6’s start stop system, ensuring your vehicle starts smoothly every time.


It can be frustrating if your Audi A6 won’t start, but this article has discussed everything you need to know.

Let’s list a few of the essential points discussed:

  • Your Audi A6 won’t start because the battery might be dead, because of a weak battery, a faulty alternator, a weak key fob, a faulty starter motor, a problem with the engine, pump failure and many more.
  • The possible solution is to fix any issues related to the key fob battery or the car engine.
  • You can start by testing the voltage of your battery, then jumpstart the car or try to clean the battery.
  • To start an Audi A6 if the key fob battery is dead, try to position your key fob close to the start/stop button.

Audi A6 starting problems are common, and you can resolve them yourself or by visiting a mechanic.

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