2016 Ford Focus Jack Points: A Guide to Safe Lifting

Jacking up a vehicle is a necessary skill for any car owner, and knowing the specific jack points for your 2016 Ford Focus is vital. These points are designed to ensure stability and support the weight of the car properly during the lift.

First, always consult your owner’s manual as it will have diagrams and instructions specific to your model.

Safety should be your primary concern, so before raising your Ford Focus, ensure the car is on a flat surface and that the emergency brake is engaged.

2016 Ford Focus Jack Points: A Guide to Safe Lifting

When you’re ready to jack up your Focus, you’ll typically find reinforced areas beneath the vehicle that are intended for the jack. Often, these points have a notch or a mark indicating where the jack should go.

It’s important to use a quality jack and jack stands to maintain the car’s weight once lifted. If you’re unsure about the jack points, online forums, how-to videos, and car maintenance websites can be additional resources to guide you through the process.

We cannot overstate the importance of safety and precision in this task. Improper jacking could lead to vehicle damage or, worse, personal injury.

Using the correct jack points ensures the car won’t slip off the jack and helps prevent damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage. If ever in doubt, seeking assistance from a professional is the best course of action to prevent any mishaps.

Preparing to Lift Your Ford Focus

Before we lift our 2016 Ford Focus, it’s essential to gather all necessary equipment and ensure we create a safe working environment. Here’s the checklist we need to follow:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wheel chocks

Safety Precautions:

  • Engage the parking brake
  • Ensure the vehicle is on flat ground

Always use the specified jack points to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Floor jacks from reputable brands, including those found at Harbor Freight, are excellent for this procedure.

However, we must be sure to position the floor jack correctly. Ford Focus has dedicated jack points near the pinch welds. They’re typically indicated by small arrows or notches along the lower body of the vehicle.

Before lifting our vehicle, wheel chocks should be placed behind the wheels to prevent any possible rolling.

Once we’ve ensured the parking brake is engaged and the environment is safe, we’ll place the floor jack under the jack points.

Upon lifting the car, we’ll promptly support it with jack stands positioned securely under the reinforced areas of the chassis.

Correct Jack and Stand Placement

Properly placing the jack and stands under your 2016 Ford Focus is crucial for safety and stability when performing any undercarriage maintenance. We’ll guide you through identifying the right points and setting everything up correctly.

Identifying Jacking Points

The jack points on the 2016 Ford Focus are located near the four corners of the vehicle. Look for the pinch welds along the lower sides—these are typically marked by small arrows or indentations on the vehicle’s body.

For the front, aim for the reinforced section of the pinch weld; this is slightly behind the front wheels. As for the rear, the jacking point is just ahead of the rear wheels.

Setting Up the Jack and Stands

Once you’ve found the jacking points:
  1. Position your hydraulic jack under the identified front jacking point and raise the vehicle slightly off the ground.
  2. Slide a jack stand in place near the jack, adjusting it to the correct height so that it’s just under the jacking point, but not lifting the vehicle.

For the rear:

  • After jacking the vehicle at the rear point, position the rear jack stands similarly under the reinforced area of the pinch weld.

Do not use the front subframe or control arms as jack stand points. This can cause damage to the vehicle or create an unstable lifting situation.

Always ensure the jack and stands are securely positioned on a flat surface before lifting the vehicle.

As for the jack itself, always use the designated jack location for raising the vehicle. This ensures optimal safety and balance during lifting.

Once the stands are in place, you can lower the jack slowly, making sure the vehicle rests firmly on the stands before starting any work.

Lifting Procedures and Safety

Before we raise our 2016 Ford Focus ST or RS, it’s crucial to follow strict safety protocols to avoid any risk of injury. Adhering to the correct lifting procedures safeguards both the vehicle and the person performing the work. Never get under the vehicle unless it’s properly secured with axle stands.

Step-by-Step Jacking Process

Identifying Jack Points: The Focus has designated jack points that must be used to prevent damage. These are typically located under the rocker panels. Look for the sections with double seams or indentations as indicated in the owner’s manual.

Assembling the Jack: The correct jack and lug nut wrench are part of the vehicle’s spare tire kit. Assemble the jack handle before use.

Jacking Up: With the handbrake engaged and the car in gear (or in “park” if it’s an automatic), slowly and steadily raise the vehicle at the correct points to the desired height.

Ensuring Stability and Security

Lifting a car always introduces an element of danger, and the proper precautions must be in place. After jacking up the vehicle, it is imperative never to rely solely on the jack for support.

Always use axle stands to support the vehicle once it’s raised. Position them at the recommended support points to ensure stability.

Before climbing underneath: Verify the stability by giving the vehicle a gentle shake. If you notice any movement, lower it back down carefully and readjust your axle stands. We must never get under a vehicle that is not securely supported to eliminate any risk of injury.

Aftercare and Lowering Your Vehicle

When lowering your 2016 Ford Focus, careful attention ensures the vehicle and its components, such as the side skirts and undertray, remain undamaged.

Once maintenance tasks like an oil change or a flat tire fix are complete, the process of removing jack stands and bringing your car back to ground level must be done methodically.

Step-by-Step Lowering

Firstly, ensure that the lug nuts are tightened properly with the lug nut wrench. This avoids any wheel alignment issues after the vehicle is back on the ground.

Carefully Position the Jack Kit

As you prepare to lower your car, make sure that your jack kit is assembled correctly.

Position the jack under the jacking point, which keeps clear of the side skirts to prevent any damage.

After positioning the jack, raise the car slightly to remove the jack stands.

We then recommend placing a hockey puck between the jack and the jacking points on the subframe or front control arm to distribute the weight and minimize stress on the vehicle.

Once the stands are clear, steadily lower your Focus onto the ground.

Watch for any signs of strain on the suspension or undertray. If all goes smoothly, your car should rest evenly on its wheels.

Finally, inspect the area around the wheels and the skirt of the vehicle for signs of damage.

If everything looks intact, your Ford Focus is ready to drive. Following these jacking tips will help you avoid any unnecessary damage and keep your car in top condition.

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