2009 Dodge Caliber Gas Tank Size: Capacity Specs and Details

We all know that when it comes to buying a used car, the devil’s in the details. It’s not just about how shiny the paint is or how smooth the ride feels—sometimes, it’s the practical things that matter most. Take the 2009 Dodge Caliber, for example. It’s got a feature that’s often overlooked until you’re 50 miles from the nearest gas station with the fuel light glaring at you: the gas tank size. Now, why is this important, you ask? Because no one likes to play a game of fuel gauge roulette, and the size of your gas tank can make all the difference between filling up with a smile and panicking on the side of the road.

2009 Dodge Caliber Gas Tank Size: Capacity Specs and Details

Our good ol’ Dodge Caliber from 2009 comes equipped with a gas tank that holds approximately 13.5 to 13.6 gallons of fuel, depending on the specific model. This means on a full tank, and if you’re driving like your grandma’s in the car—easy on the acceleration and steady on the speed—you could potentially get a city range of up to 351 miles, or even stretch it to almost 394 miles on the highway. Not too shabby, considering the car’s age and robust build. And with gas prices doing a roller coaster ride these days, that kind of efficiency can make a noticeable difference in your wallet’s well-being.

Dodge Caliber Overview

When we talk about the Dodge Caliber, we’re reminiscing about a vehicle that made a mark in the mid-size segment during its production years from 2007 to 2012. This car was a versatile maverick that sought to blend the practicality of a hatchback with the robust stance of an SUV. The Caliber waved goodbye to conventional body design, offering something fresh on the streets.

From its introduction in 2007, the Dodge Caliber stood out with its distinctive profile. It accompanied many on their daily commutes, grocery runs, and the occasional spirited drive on the outskirts of town. Through its years – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and its last year, 2012, it evolved subtly, fine-tuning its features and design to meet drivers’ expectations.

In the 2009 model, which is our topic of discussion, you’ll find that the Caliber was in its prime. No grandstanding needed here – evidence is shown in how it balanced affordability with utility to carve its niche. The 2009 Dodge Caliber, especially, brimmed with value, not just in the automotive market, but in the gratitude of its owners, for its ample features and solid performance.

Engine wise, we saw a range of options providing enough zip for a zip-around-town car, while not being gas guzzlers. Speaking of gas, ⛽ the fuel capacity was one of the bright spots. But let’s hit the brakes here—we’ll get to that juicy detail in a bit!

You see, for us, the Dodge Caliber is not just a vehicle; it symbolizes a time in automotive history where bold choices were celebrated. A mid-size contender that was neither overbearing nor lackluster, how about that for finding the sweet spot?

Performance and Specifications

Taking a closer look at what’s under the hood and how it all comes together, we’ll explore the engine, transmission, and other specs that keep the 2009 Dodge Caliber on the move. Let’s not forget the important bits like the fuel economy and cargo space – essential for those long trips and errands around town.

Engine and Transmission

Our Dodge Caliber packs a punch with a 2.4L ❇️ engine. It’s all connected to a sturdy ⚙️ 5-speed manual transmission, giving you full control over the driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency and Capacity

Our gas tank holds a substantial ⛽ 13.6 gallons, providing a healthy range to keep us on the road longer. We can zip through the city with our efficient gas mileage, stretching every gallon to get us where we need to go without constant pit stops. Keep in mind, fuel economy details like 23 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.

Dimensions and Space

Our compact Dodge Caliber is more spacious than one might guess, feeling snug in the driver’s seat won’t be an issue. With ample cargo room to boot, it’s ideal for a variety of needs, from daily commuting to hauling the essentials for that weekend getaway. For precise figures:

Measurement Value
Length 173.8 inches
Width 68.8 inches
Height 60.4 inches
Front Head Room 39.8 inches
Cargo Space Adequate

We’ve got plenty of room up front, with a headroom that lets us wear our favorite hat and still have space to spare. Our cargo isn’t getting left behind with space to stow away all our essentials. And with the decent ground clearance, we’re sitting pretty above the road, dodging the pesky bumps and potholes.

Safety and Comfort Features

We all want to feel secure and comfy on our drives, whether it’s a quick trip to the store or a long haul across the state. The 2009 Dodge Caliber has some nifty features to ensure just that. Let’s buckle up and explore what keeps us safe and what keeps our journey pleasant.

Safety Components

Keeping you secure on the road
Feature Function Benefit Notes
Multi-Stage Airbags Deploy in stages based on crash severity Reduces risk of injury
Tire Pressure Monitor Alerts for low tire pressure Prevents flat tires & improves gas mileage Monitor warning lamp included
Child Protection Features Special locks & anchors for child seats Keeps the little ones safe
ABS Brakes & Brake Assist Prevents wheel lock-up & boosts stopping power Better control in emergency braking Remember to maintain brake health 🛠️

With our **airbags** at the ready and our tires’ pressure constantly checked, we’ve got a comprehensive safety package that includes both active and passive features. A quick tip: keep an eye on that **tire pressure monitor warning lamp**; it’s like a faithful dog 🐶 that barks off any trouble with your tires.

Convenience and Comfort

Enhancing the driving experience

Let’s talk about comfort, because let’s be honest, nobody likes a stiff seat or sweaty back. Here’s a glance at what awaits inside:

  • Air Conditioning: Keep cool and collected, no matter the 🌡️ outside.
  • AM/FM Stereo: Tune into your favorite tunes or catch the news on the go.
  • Cupholders: Perfect for that morning coffee ☕️ or a hydrating water bottle.
  • Seats: Cushioned for your posterior’s pleasure on long commutes.
  • Mats: Easy to clean and preserve your vehicle’s flooring.

When you have to park, let the mirrors give you a clear view to retreat those tricky spots. Dodge Caliber’s steering is responsive, making it easier for you to maneuver through tight spots or when you need to dodge an unexpected pothole—it almost feels like the car knows what you’re thinking! Don’t just take my word for it, try it out and feel the difference.

Keeping your car in mint condition is as much about safety as it is about convenience and our Caliber takes care of both these aspects handily. Whether you’re finding the perfect parking 🅿️ spot or ensuring your toddler’s seat is secured, it’s these little things that make a big difference in our daily rounds. So put on your favorite soundtrack, adjust the AC, and let’s hit the road with peace of mind, wrapped in comfort.

Model Year Variants and Features

When it comes to the 2009 Dodge Caliber, we’re talking about a vehicle that presents a fusion of compact car efficiency and SUV-like functionality. Let’s jump right in and unpack the specifics tied to its versions and what they’ve got packed under the hood.

Trim and Style Variations

Life’s full of options, and so is the Dodge Caliber. From the get-go, this ride rolled out in several trims each year, ranging from the no-fuss SE models to the sportier SRT4 – that’s like going from sandals to stilettos. Each variant tweaked aesthetics and comfort.

Technical Specifications

Engineering’s where the Caliber truly shines. With multilink rear suspensions across the board and robust 2.0L to 2.4L engines, these machines didn’t just promise performance, they delivered – with wheel bases and turns tighter than a drum (53.4 and 35.7 inches respectively).

Transmission and Ratios

Dial in the drivetrain, and the Caliber’s got game. You’ve got front wheel drive standard, making city maneuvers a breeze. Transmissions? We’ve got variety: a trusty 5-speed or a CVT that adjusts on the fly. It’s like choosing between an old-school stick shift and a high-tech assistant.

Gear Ratio (:1)
First Gear 3.77
Second Gear 2.34
Third Gear 1.52
Fourth Gear 1.05
Fifth Gear 0.83

Additional Specifications

Beyond the ratios and revs, the Caliber’s equipped with solid steel wheels and a fuel tank that’ll keep you going for miles on end – to the tune of 13.6 gallons ⛽. Pair that with a cold cranking amp that laughs in the face of chilly mornings, and you’ve got a ride that’s as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans.

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