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Avignon Motor Festival 2012

The 10th annual Avignon Motor Festival took place last weekend in the beautiful Vaucluse department of France. There are many other vintage car events in the region, but the Motor Festival is by far the biggest one. Advertisements Continue reading

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Great Automotive Failures: Triumph TR7 & TR8

The classic British roadster conjures many stereotyped thoughts in the minds of automotive aficionados. Think for a moment of a cool Clint Eastwood motoring around Carmel in his Jaguar XK-150 in “Play Misty For Me.” On the other hand, there are those who would point out that you probably would never see Clint bent under … Continue reading

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>Musée Automobile de Provence.

>The Musée Automobile de Provence is a museum with several interesting vintage cars inside (with a 5EU admission fee) but also an ever changing collection of old cars in various states of repair and disrepair outside, most of them for sale. This is a small sampling of what they had to offer a couple of … Continue reading