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What Lies Beneath: The Saab APC System

During Saab-Scania’s salad days of the 1970s and 1980s, its interests were varied and far-ranging. Aerospace, automotive, defense, and even computing were all areas of research within the realm of the quirky Swedish company. The benefits of turbocharging – originally a means to compensate for altitude on piston-driven aircraft – were well understood to Saab. … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath: Porsche Sportomatic

> Porsche’s Tiptronic system has become quite familiar to the automotive community by now. However, the Tiptronic system was not the first time Porsche offered a clutch-less manual transmission. In 1968, the Sportomatic semi-automatic 4-speed was introduced as an optional transmission to the standard 5-speed manual on the 911T and E. (though there were approximately … Continue reading