1980s / German / Porsche / SEAT / Spanish


>When Seat introduced their Ibiza in 1985, they claimed the drivetrain was developed in collaboration with Porsche. This was supposed to generate interest in the car which, to be honest, had little other selling points. So the advertising campaigns boasted the “German engineered engine” and “SEAT-PORSCHE” was prominently displayed on both sides of the car. … Continue reading

1960s / SEAT / Spanish

Have a Seat

Before Volkswagen got involved in the 1980s, Seats were rebadged Fiats produced under lisence (or lackthereof, in the case of the Fiat Ritmo/Seat Ronda) in Spain. Today they’re moving away from badge engineering and designing their own cars while still using Volkswagen chassis/drivetrains. This Seat 124 was parked in Barcelona and serves as a good … Continue reading