Rust in peace: Abandoned cars in an abandoned quarry
1960s / 1970s / Bonser / Citroen / Forklift / French / German / Matra / Renault / Volkswagen

Rust in peace: Abandoned cars in an abandoned quarry

Ostensibly billed as visual and environmental pollution, most abandoned cars are quickly removed by local governments and sent to the nearest scrap yard. Generally speaking, upscale towns are far less tolerant of derelict vehicles because they have a certain image to preserve for the sake of their residents or of their tourism industry. Continue reading

Endangered species: Matra-Simca Rancho
1970s / 1980s / Endangered species / French / Matra / Simca / Talbot

Endangered species: Matra-Simca Rancho

There is a traditional recipe in France called “pain perdu,” a name that literally translates to “lost bread.”  In the old days, it helped families cook a last-minute meal by putting together common ingredients such as sugar, eggs, milk and generally stale bread.  The result is a slightly more elaborate version of toast. Continue reading

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The 2nd annual Ventabren Retro Passion show

Ventabren Rétro Passion, a burgeoning car club that hails from a small village outside of Aix-en-Provence, France, held its second annual car show and swap meet last weekend. Unlike the Avignon Auto-Moto Retro show that took place at the same time, the show in Ventabren was informal and fairly small; there was no entry fee … Continue reading

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The 20th annual Avignon Auto-Moto Retro show

The 20th annual Auto-Moto Retro show took place last weekend in Avignon, France. It is held at the same venue as the Avignon Motor Festival but it is a much smaller show with less cars and less vendors. Continue reading

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Avignon Motor Festival 2012

The 10th annual Avignon Motor Festival took place last weekend in the beautiful Vaucluse department of France. There are many other vintage car events in the region, but the Motor Festival is by far the biggest one. Continue reading