1960s / 1970s / German / Great automotive failures / NSU

Great Automotive Failures: The NSU Ro80

> NSU pioneered use of the Wankel / rotary engine in production automobiles when it released the Prinz Sport based Spider in 1964. While the rotary was certainly a major advancement in engine technology, NSU hadn’t quite worked all of the proverbial bugs out of it. Therefore, the Spider became one of he most infamous … Continue reading

1970s / 1980s / Aston Martin / English / Great automotive failures

Great Automotive Failures: The Aston Martin Lagonda

Like many small-scale auto manufacturers during the 1970s, Aston Martin’s finances were looking drearier than a late winter afternoon in London. On the verge of bankruptcy, A-M embarked on a radical plan to make some fast cash and thus, the Lagonda was born. The Lagonda was the company’s attempt at an ultra-exclusive, ultra-expensive, and ultimately … Continue reading

1980s / Ford / German / Great automotive failures / Merkur

Great Automotive Failures: Ford’s Merkur Brand

> The Merkur brand, which Ford introduced to the North American market in 1985 could have been great. However it has fallen into relative obscurity like so many other attempts to sell unique European cars Stateside. Ford’s then V.P. Bob Lutz saw some potential selling European market Fords as a separate brand in the US … Continue reading

1980s / AMC / American / Editorial / French / Great automotive failures / Renault

Great Automotive Failures*: AMC/Renaults

*Part 1 in a series. American Motors Corporation didn’t have a whole lot going for it by the time the 1980s rolled around. Their Jeep division was more or less keeping the operation going and their somewhat less than stellar cars such as the Concord, Spirit, and Eagle were plagued by typical, gaudy, late 70s … Continue reading