British / English / Great automotive failures / Triumph

Great Automotive Failures: Triumph TR7 & TR8

The classic British roadster conjures many stereotyped thoughts in the minds of automotive aficionados. Think for a moment of a cool Clint Eastwood motoring around Carmel in his Jaguar XK-150 in “Play Misty For Me.” On the other hand, there are those who would point out that you probably would never see Clint bent under … Continue reading

1990s / British / Caterham / English / Great automotive failures

Great Automotive Failures: Caterham 21

The Lotus 7 has long been a living legend in the sports car world. Since its debut in 1957, Colin Chapman’s diminutive roadster has been one of the gold-standards by which automotive agility and sheer driving pleasure is judged against. By 1973, Lotus sold off the rights to manufacture the design to their primary distributor, … Continue reading

1960s / 1970s / German / Great automotive failures / Volkswagen

Great Automotive Failures: Volkswagen 411/412

>The Volkswagen Type 4 was arguably the earliest whispers of the company’s trend to move into more up-market segments. Despite intentions by VW to find a possible replacement to the Type 1 Beetle with the Type 3, the Beetle still sold strongly on its reputation as an economical, reliable, and affordable car. The Type 3 … Continue reading

1990s / German / Great automotive failures / Mercedes-Benz

Great Automotive Failures: the Mercedes-Benz w168 A-Class

The Mercedes-Benz w168 A-Class created a big buzz in the press months before its launch in 1997. this was understandable; After all, it was the first front-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz and it was that firm’s first venture into the relatively new compact minivan market, not to mention one of the first luxury offerings in that market. … Continue reading

1980s / 1990s / American / Chrysler / Great automotive failures / Italian / Maserati

Great Automotive Failures: The Chrysler TC by Maserati

> Mention the name “K-car” to anyone familiar with automobiles and it will likely conjure thoughts of maroon colored 1980’s Chrysler sedans with hopelessly tacky velour interiors and engines with more tappet noise and oil smoke than a German submarine. But there was more to Chrysler’s “K” platform than that. Lest we forget, allow me … Continue reading

1960s / 1970s / German / Great automotive failures / NSU

Great Automotive Failures: The NSU Ro80

> NSU pioneered use of the Wankel / rotary engine in production automobiles when it released the Prinz Sport based Spider in 1964. While the rotary was certainly a major advancement in engine technology, NSU hadn’t quite worked all of the proverbial bugs out of it. Therefore, the Spider became one of he most infamous … Continue reading