1990s / British / Caterham / English / Great automotive failures

Great Automotive Failures: Caterham 21

The Lotus 7 has long been a living legend in the sports car world. Since its debut in 1957, Colin Chapman’s diminutive roadster has been one of the gold-standards by which automotive agility and sheer driving pleasure is judged against. By 1973, Lotus sold off the rights to manufacture the design to their primary distributor, … Continue reading

1980s / English / Mini

>Mini Moke.

> Contrary to what its looks may suggest, the Mini Moke is actually a factory-produced car, not a kit car. Introduced in the 1960s, it’s based on the original Mini and was originally developped to pitch to the British Army who showed very little interest in it. It instead appealed to folks who lived near … Continue reading