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Live from the 2019 Detroit auto show: 1964 Volkswagen Beetle

Ran When Parked attended the media days of the 2019 Detroit auto show. It was the last edition of the event held in January; the 2020 show will take place in June. It was relatively quiet, though not as much so as you may have heard. We nonetheless saw a diverse selection of cars ranging from a 700-plus-horsepower Ford Mustang to an electric, autonomous Nissan concept car that looked like it missed its CES debut.

Volkswagen’s big news was the redesigned 2020 Passat, but the company took the time to highlight the current-generation Beetle at one of its last auto shows. Production will end in the summer of 2019. To commemorate the occasion, the Volkswagen booth featured a 1964 Beetle from the company’s North American collection and a pair of Final Edition 2019 models.

The 1964 Beetle received a massive amount of attention; the 2019 turned fewer heads. It made us wonder: in 2074, will Volkswagen bring a 2019 Beetle Final Edition to the Detroit auto show?

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