3 thoughts on “paris-1960-crosswalk-1

  1. Good evening
    I’m French thus I’m able to identify each car on this picture and I’m considering myself as disqualified. The most desirable for me are the both Peugeot 404 Coupé by Pininfarina (second line below the zebra just before the WV Bulli 21W) & Soft Top one (first line upper the zebra , between 403 “familiale” panel van and the white 2CV). In second choice it will be probably before one of the numerous Citroën DS, and in third on the WW Bulli.
    This picture has been taken after 1963 =>
    I disagree with Burt : The VW Bulli 21W is not a Samba. It is a “Deluxe Microbus”.It has been produced since June 1951 in Germany :
    “Au plaisir de continuer à vous lire”

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