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Open mic: how do you feel about electric classic cars?

As electrification spreads across the automotive industry, we’re seeing a growing number of companies converting classic cars to run on electricity. Even Icon, a well-respected California-based restoration shop, has jumped on the band-wagon by building a battery-powered Volkswagen Thing. Jaguar has become the first major automaker to surf that trend with the experimental E-Type Zero, which was introduced today at a media event in London, England.

Developed in-house, the E-Type Zero ditches the straight-six engine and adopts an electric motor developing about 295 horsepower. It takes 5.5 seconds to hit 60 mph from a stop, a figure that makes it about a full second faster than stock. The interior has been updated with a new dashboard made out of carbon fiber, a digital instrument cluster, and a large touch screen on the instrument cluster. It drives like a standard E-Type, according to Jaguar, but it certainly doesn’t sound like one.

How do you feel about conversions like this one? Would you ditch gasoline and convert your classic car to run on electricity?

5 thoughts on “Open mic: how do you feel about electric classic cars?

  1. i see no issue with electric classic cars, after all the Enfield is a classic now
    Detroit Electric cars from the early 20th century they too are classics.

  2. I’m all in favor of electric cars, as a choice. With the strength of the oil industry I don’t see gasoline power leaving anytime soon (thank god). Last weekend I drove my 440 powered ’69 Dodge Charger over to a friends house to borrow a tool. To get to it I had to move their battery powered Leaf. What a shocking difference it was for me (first time behind the wheel of an electric). For city folk electric is definitely the future.

  3. I found the same as MATS when considering converting my classic Range Rover (dead engine) a lighter 2×4 car though would be easier. I still fancy it, maybe in a few years when there are more second hand bits around…

  4. How far the once mighty Jaguar have fallen. They have nothing in their present range that can evokes any emotional response. let alone admiration or fascination at all. So, they have no choice other than to delve deep into the back-catalogue to find something to exploit. Goes to show how ordinary, derivative and boring they have become as a manufacturer. They lead in nothing- certainly not in good design…

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