1970s / Italian / Lancia

Rust in peace: a Lancia nest in Australia

All cars rust, but Italian cars built in the 1970s have perfected corrosion to the point where it can be considered an art form. Some blame the sub-par quality of the steel used to manufacture these cars, while others point to the near-complete lack of rust-proofing. In truth, it’s probably a little bit of both.

The way Australia’s humid climate attacks 40-year old Italian machines is almost unbelievable. Humidity gets trapped in every little crevasse and slowly chews away at the sheet metal until the car looks like a piece of Swiss cheese. After spending enough time outdoors they look like melting ice cubes. Remember the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT featured in these pages a few months ago?

I don’t know the story behind the four Lancia Betas pictured below. I stopped to take a few pictures and drove off. They were on private property so I couldn’t get any closer to them, and I unfortunately had no time to stop and see if I could find someone to let me in.

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