Open mic

Open mic: which modern tech feature would you retrofit to your classic car?

2018 Audi A8 instrument cluster

We like our cars pure. We enjoy machines free of gimmicky electronics that take away from the driving experience, and inevitably cause expensive issues when they age. With that said, we’ve also come to the realization that not every advance in the automotive industry is superfluous.

Imagine that cost and compatibility aren’t issues that need to be taken into account. Which modern tech feature — if any — would you want to install in a classic car?

We could live without a rear-view camera, without Bluetooth connectivity, and certainly without Android Auto. The one feature we wish we could retrofit to a classic car (e.g., our 1979 w123 300D) is adaptive cruise control. We’ve found it makes long freeway trips less tiring, and having a set of digital eyeballs monitor the road ahead reduces the risk of an accident.

7 thoughts on “Open mic: which modern tech feature would you retrofit to your classic car?

  1. If cost were no object, I’m thinking a Tesla Model S transplanted into a Tatra 613. Overall I think a big part of the charm of old cars is that they don’t have all of the modern distractions.

  2. I’ve already added a/c to my 2002tii and next week will be installing power steering due to shoulder issues. The power steering can be turned off and the stock steering column can be reinstalled leaving no trace. I never considered sweltering or shoulder pain while parking to be essential parts of the vintage car experience.Also, having been in an accident when my 240Z’s brakes pulled violently in a panic stop, I would love ABS.

  3. I’d love to be able to have different driving modes for different driving conditions/situations on my Mopar muscle car. Perhaps run it on 6 cylinders when cruising the freeway?

  4. If I had a Renault 4 for example, I would install an audio system with a USB outlet or SD card, as music has transitioned to a digital format. Other than that, I would keep it stock.

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