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Rust in peace: Mitsubishi Colt

I photographed the Mitsubishi Colt you see here last fall in Australia… or last spring, I guess, since it was in the southern hemisphere. At any rate, it was parked next to a second-generation Holden Barina in a rural town about an hour and a half away from Adelaide.

I’m guessing it was parked due to rust issues — there’s not a single body panel that’s not rusty. Notably, there’s a fist-sized hole in one of the front fenders, right below the “1.6” emblem. The other fender is crumpled up but it’s not the kind of damage that would prevent the car from driving, so I don’t think it was taken off the road after the fender-bender.

It’s certain to keep rusting in the foreseeable future. It’s sitting under a tree in a damp part of Australia’s that’s just a stone’s throw from the Great Australian Bight, and the driver’s side window is wide open. It’s too bad, a few bits and pieces are missing front the front end but I bet it could at worst be a useful source of parts for someone fixing one up. This is presumably one of the Colts built in Australia, but I don’t remember seeing another one like it during my month-long trip Down Under.

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