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News: SEAT breathes new life into a 1965 600 D

Volkswagen’s Spain-based SEAT division has finally published pictures of the 600 BMS concept it announced earlier this month.

The name “concept” was a little misleading. The 600 BMS isn’t really anything new, and it doesn’t shed the slightest insight into what the future holds for the SEAT brand. Instead, it’s a 1965 600 D that has been treated to a full restoration after sitting for 25 years. It celebrates the 60th anniversary of what’s fondly remembered as the car that put Spain on wheels.

SEAT explains the most challenging part of the restoration process was finding the roughly 1,000 parts that needed to be changed. The steering wheel and the horn button are original to the car, but just about every other component was either replaced or restored. Inside, the commemorative 600 D boasts a brand-new type of upholstery that was created specifically for it.

All told, 30 people spent a total of 1,500 hours bringing this 600 D back to life. It was unveiled last week at the annual Barcelona Motor Show, and it might appear at other events across Europe before joining SEAT’s official collection of classic models.

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