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Travel: Ran When Parked visits Paris, France

We took a very short trip to Paris, France, last March. We didn’t have enough time to do much sight-seeing, let alone spend a day car-spotting, but we made it a point to photograph the interesting cars we walked by. And, don’t let news of the city’s recent car ban fool you; there is still a decent selection of interesting machines street-parked in the French capital.

The Daimler is a right-hand drive example, and the stickers on the back suggest it’s an original Hong Kong car. The registration number is fairly recent, so there’s a chance it was brought over from Asia not too long ago. The Sovamag also took us by surprise; we’d never seen one on civilian plates before. Expect to see it featured again in these pages in the coming weeks.

The rear-engined Fiat 500 remains popular among enthusiasts due to its tiny, city-friendly size. And, the original Renault Twingo is slowly but surely making the transition from a cheap, basic mode of transportation to a classic. We know, it’s not that old, but well-cared for early models are getting pretty hard to find. Mark our words: they’ll start going back up in value sooner than you think, and the shift will start in big cities like Paris.

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