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Rewind to Denver, Colorado, in 1985

Last week, we traveled back to Denver, Colorado, in 1982. This week, we’re staying in the Mile High City but fast-forwarding to 1985. What car(s) can you identify in this picture? Which one(s) would you most like to have in your garage today?

For us, the answer is easy: we’d take one of the 356s. We’re a little bit surprised that there’s not a single Beetle anywhere in this shot. Were they never that popular in Denver to begin with, or were they all gone by the middle of the 1980s?

Denver, Colorado, 1985

Photo courtesy of Hemmings.

3 thoughts on “Rewind to Denver, Colorado, in 1985

  1. Maybe they couldn’t jet ’em for the mile-high city. ­čśâ

    I remember by the tine I could identify cars, my 1986 or so Beetles were looked at as the goofy, cheap car for hippies, ecentrics, and poor people. Maybe this parking lot was for the well-to-do, or maybe the Beetle just wasn’t a big seller I. Colder climates. I’d love to get a Beetle now, but it seems like even ones that have been pulled from a swamp are a couple grand.

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