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Driven daily: Fiat 500 L

The original Fiat 500 is still a reasonably common sight in big European cities. We spotted the 500 L pictured below parked on the streets of Paris, France, a couple of weeks ago.

Saying it needs body work would be stating the obvious; it looks like it rear-ended another car. Luckily, whatever it hit was probably pretty small because the hood is largely intact. We can’t imagine what shape this 500 would be in if it had rammed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a trailer hitch. Still, we’re sure colliding with anything bigger than a pack of cigarettes in a car the size of the 500 is an absolutely terrifying experience.

Numerous aftermarket vendors make reproduction body panels for the 500, so it wouldn’t take a whole lot to get this one looking good again. It deserves it, too. It’s a little rough around the edges but it’s perfectly presentable for a 45- or 50-year old car that’s likely never been restored, and is still being used on a regular basis.


7 thoughts on “Driven daily: Fiat 500 L

  1. Ha! I had a Coffee in a Restaurant a few steps from there, before going to the Metro there!

    And a beautiful car, even with the dents!

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