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News: Lancia websites down across Europe

We knew this was coming: several of Lancia’s websites were taken down over the weekend, and it’s not for maintenance or due to a server error. While the brand hasn’t made a official statement yet, the website blitz indicates Lancia no longer sells new cars outside of Italy, its home market.

The French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Swiss divisions are among the ones that shuttered recently. Their websites all display the same message: “Thanks for your interest in Lancia. Already own a Lancia? Click here for after-sales service.” Links further down the page encourage car shoppers to check out other, healthier brands in the Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) portfolio like Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Jeep.

As of writing, Lancia’s Italian website is still up. We don’t know precisely when the brand will shut down because FCA has been evasive about its plans for Lancia. The Italian site lists an offer that expires on May 31, so the brand has at least one month left to live.



3 thoughts on “News: Lancia websites down across Europe

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