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News: SEAT announces 600 BMS concept

Volkswagen’s Spain-based SEAT division has announced plans to introduce a concept car named 600 BMS. As its name implies, the 600 BMS will celebrate the original, Fiat-based 600’s 60th anniversary.

From what we can tell, the concept will be a carefully resto-modded 600. It’s based on an early model so it’s equipped with a set of suicide doors. It retains the donor’s canvas top, but it gains a coat of light gray paint with contrasting orange decals and a modernized version of the “600” emblem found up front.

SEAT points out the BMS keeps the original 600’s wheels and brakes. Inside, there’s leather upholstery with orange contrast stitching on the seats and on the door panels. However, we’ll have to take the company’s word for it because the only official image of the car doesn’t show what the interior looks like.

All told, SEAT’s press release asks more questions than it answers. We’ll find out more details about the 600 BMS concept when it makes its official debut on May 11th at the annual Barcelona Auto Show. As of writing, it sounds like the modern-day 600 is just a design study, not a preview of an upcoming model.

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