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Rewind to Berlin, Germany, in 1987

We’re traveling back to Berlin, Germany, in 1987. The first picture below was taken on the east side of the city, and the second one was shot on the west side.

What car(s) can you identify in these images? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage today?  I’d be happy with one of the Trabants — preferably the one with the hitch.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

7 thoughts on “Rewind to Berlin, Germany, in 1987

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  2. It IS a DACIA 1300. The Dacia 1300 were available in Eastern Germany for people close to “the party”. It’s got simplified trimmings and no Renault diamond on the hub caps. The parents of my first girl friend (right after ’89) had one and my wife’s grandpa used to work at Dacia, so I’ve seen my share. If I could see the front or back, I could even tell you which model year.

  3. Now to the second picture: WHERE IS THAT?! I’m really trying hard to find out where that picture was taken. Presumably in Berlin-Kreuzberg, smaller side street (yes, this is SMALLER, in Berlin), facing east (you can see the GDR TV tower in background). I’ve been living in Kreuzberg until ’81 and later moved to Berlin-Wilmersdorf, lived in Berlin until 2002. So I should know. But up to now, I’ve not been able to find out where this is. Do you know what the name of this street is?

  4. Oh, sorry, and of course it’s a give and take. The picture of East Berlin is – of course – showing the Humboldt University on the other side of the street. As a Berliner, I’m so used to this sight that it didn’t occur to me that I might have to point that out. Parking lot and photographer are south of “Unter den Linden” between the old opera house (on your right) and the “Old Library” on your left, today’s “Bebelplatz”. You can see a lot of Trabant 601, several Wartburg 353, that one odd Dacia 1300, a Skoda 110, right in the middle a Lada 2103, and probably parking aside the Skoda a Lada 2101 (you can only see the roof). Oh, right, and in background you can see the roof of a Barkas. Note that the predominant color is light colors, in reality almost only grey and beige. And note that almost all of the foreign cars appear to be colorful (and thus darker on this B&W picture). This was in fact the case. Probably even the Dacia was yellow. And all the GDR cars were grey, beige and greyish blue.

  5. WOW! Do you know what I didn’t notice? There is a Mazda 323 right at the fornt right corner. Someone surely had connections to the Nomenklatura to get hold of one of those. There was a delivery of a bunch Mazda 323 to the GDR in the 80s, and whoever got hold of one was definitely part of or close to the government.

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