1970s / British / Driven daily / Mini

Driven daily: Mini Moke

I photographed the Mini Moke pictured below while traveling through Airlie Beach, Australia, a couple of weeks ago. You’d expect to see Moke-like cars in Airlie Beach — which is, for all intents and purposes, a resort town — but it’s the only beach car I saw during my short stay there.

The Moke looks to have been repainted at least a couple of times but it’s in decent shape all things considered. The rust around the windshield is not surprising on a car that has presumably spent most of its life within a stone’s throw of the sea. All told, it’s pretty well preserved.

The most intriguing part about this Moke is the decent-sized solar panel mounted on the back. There’s no way it can generate enough electricity to power the Moke on its own; besides, the four-cylinder engine is still under the hood. I wasn’t able to trace the wires to see what it’s hooked up to, and I couldn’t track down the owner to get more information.

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