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Rust in peace: a holiday-themed Vauxhall 14J

I photographed this exceptionally-tattered Vauxhall 14J on the side of a country road in southeastern Australia a couple of weeks ago. It’s ending its days as yard art, but the moss that covers most of the body reveals it likely spent a good chunk of its life in a forest. However, there are no tire tracks around it so it’s been sitting in this spot for a while now.

Christmas lights are zip-tied and taped to the 14J’s front end, and there are additional lights on both ends where the original lights used to be. It must be quite a sight when the sun goes down. I’ve never been a huge fan of using cars as yard art, but there’s really not much else to do with this one. The chassis looks completely shot, and rust is causing the roof panel to become detached from the body. Clearly, time and humidity haven’t been kind to this Vauxhall.

There’s an easy way to tell this 14J was built in Australia by Holden, not in England by Vauxhall. Granted, it’s in Australia, but it could have been imported from abroad. However, 14s manufactured Down Under had a split windshield, while examples built in Europe were fitted with a single piece of glass.

Happy holidays, folks, and thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Rust in peace: a holiday-themed Vauxhall 14J

  1. My parents’ first car was one of these, not that my mother was pleased with my father’s choice particularly when it wouldn’t start and my father got the crank handle out, and when that didn’t work, we all had to push it! I can remember polishing the chrome on the grill, the bumpers and the hood.

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