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Driven daily: AMC Pacer

On a recent work trip to Berlin, Germany, I got up early one morning and walked around the city to see if I could find a Trabant in its natural habitat. Surprisingly, one of the first classic cars I spotted was a yellow, pre-facelift AMC Pacer parked right in the heart of downtown.

The Pacer is uncommon at best in the United States, it’s definitely not the kind of car you see on a daily basis, and it’s downright rare in Europe. A handful of European countries actually got brand new Pacers back in the 1970s, but a closer look reveals the one pictured below started life in the United States.

The KNIX 102.5 sticker on the back suggests the Pacer spent at least part of its life near Phoenix, Arizona, in the hands of a country music enthusiast. There are a few rust spots on the body, so either it’s not an original Arizona car or Berlin winters have taken their toll.

If you’re wondering: I never ended up finding a Trabant. It seems like most of the ones left in Berlin are owned by companies who rent them out to tourists, unfortunately.

3 thoughts on “Driven daily: AMC Pacer

  1. Yes, it will be hard to find a TRABANT out of touristical use in Berlin. I just even know two WARTBURG 353 and some LADAs used as daily drivers.
    Its pretty uncommon to use old east garman cars as historical daily drivers, you’ll find much more Benz, Saab and of course VWs.
    But they get rediscovered at the moment, prices are rising!

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