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Rust in peace: A forgotten used car lot in Salt Lake City

Two months ago, I showcased a handful of Swedish and Italian classics I found rusting away in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2006. The cars were parked next to a derelict/abandoned used car lot. Like I mentioned, more classics awaited right around the corner.

Walking through the collection felt like visiting a used car dealership in the 1980s except all of the cars were in bad shape. Clearly, whoever amassed the collection had a penchant for Japanese and Swedish iron. The highlights included an early Saab 900 GLE, a MG B GT, a BMW 1600 that was remarkably rust-free, and a couple of Volvo 245s. There were also quite a few Subarus (including numerous Brats) and a handful of American classics.

I never found out the story behind the cars — a few phone calls revealed that some of them were for sale but they were excessively expensive, if memory serves. They began to disappear shortly after I took the photos you see below, and the place was completely cleared out a couple of years later.



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