1950s / German / Volkswagen

ZeitHaus treasures: the millionth Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen’s Beetle got off to a relatively rough start, but sales quickly picked up in Europe, in the United States, and even as far as Brazil and Australia. The Beetle became one of the auto industry’s biggest success stories in just a few short years.

The millionth Beetle was assembled in 1955. To celebrate the occasion, Volkswagen built a special, one-off Beetle with a gold paint job and diamonds encrusted into both bumpers, both running boards, the front headlight bezel, and nearly every piece of trim. The special look continued inside with specific pink upholstery.

The result was one of the most eye-catching Beetles ever built by the factory. Known simply as the millionth Beetle, it’s one of a few commemorative Beetle variants on display in the company’s ZeitHaus Museum.

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