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His and hers: Twin Volkswagen Bugs displayed at the Beetle Sunshine Tour

I recently attended the annual Beetle Sunshine Tour in Travemünde, Germany. The event is mostly centered around the New Beetle — you know, the one with the flower vase on the dash — and the current Beetle, but a handful of participants arrived behind the wheel of an original, air-cooled car.

The creativity of Beetle owners knows no limits. For example, I met friendly a German coupe who trekked out to the event in a pair of twin Beetles. The man told me that he wanted his wife to drive a New Beetle that matched his classic, air-cooled model built in the early 1960s. He painted his wife’s car in the same shade of metallic green as his, fitted it with a thin strip of chrome trim on the hood, mounted vintage hubcaps on body-colored steel wheels, and even installed an original Beetle push-button handle sourced from a later car on the trunk lid. The retro look continues inside with period upholstery and a classic shift knob.

The New Beetle was finished just two weeks before the Sunshine Tour started. And the modifications aren’t to everyone’s taste, but it’s hard to deny that the attention paid to every detail is jaw-dropping.

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