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Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

I spotted the Volkswagen Beetle pictured below in northern Italy a couple of weeks ago. While its registration number was issued in Rome, it’s ending its days deep in the countryside, hours away from the Italian capital.

The tinted windows, the wide rims, and the custom license plate light suggest the Beetle was restored and mildly modified at some point in its life. It must have been a pretty sharp-looking car, too. Unfortunately, it was side-swiped and consequently parked along with a handful of other decrepit classics, and a fleet of late-model vans that look like they belong to a school. It was behind a fence so I couldn’t walk up to it and get a closer look, but I’d wager the damage is repairable because replacement Beetle quarter panels are readily available.

And, with pre-1967 Beetles shooting up in value, getting it back on the road would even make financial sense. Of course, option number two would be pulling the flat-four and shoehorning it in the Piaggio Ape that’s right next to the Beetle in order to create a hot rod that embodies the phrase “unsafe at any speed.”

One thought on “Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

  1. Looks to be a 64 to 66 model. European specs are different to US ones. In the US it would be a 1964. Very fixable and very collectible.

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