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Rust in peace: Mazda RX-7

I always make it a point to park as far away from other cars as possible. It drives my wife insane, but I like to think that it protects my cars from dings and dents.

Last week, I went up to the tenth floor of a parking garage in Montreal, Canada, to leave my Mazda3 loaner in a safe spot. The floor was totally empty — that is, except for a dusty Mazda RX-7 parked in a far corner. The car evidently hadn’t moved in years, though I wasn’t able to tell precisely how long it’d been off the road for because the registration sticker had been peeled off the plate.

When I went back the next morning to take some photos of the RX-7, grab the Mazda3, and get on my way I was surprised to find that the 10th floor was completely full. I asked one of the garage’s employees about the RX-7 on my way out. He seemed completely disinterested in it, but he confirmed my suspicion that it hasn’t moved in years.

3 thoughts on “Rust in peace: Mazda RX-7

  1. Thats crazy that the door was unlocked. By the looks of the location I’d bet there is a mouse condo complex in there.

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