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Driven daily: Volkswagen Beetle

We photographed this well-worn Volkswagen Beetle in southern France a couple of weeks ago.

Beetles like this one were a dime a dozen 25 years ago, but they’ve all but disappeared today. What we’re left with are like-new examples that have been treated to a full restoration, or so-called “hoodride” Bugs with fake rust, fake faded paint, and a suspension setup lowered to within an inch of the ground. This one is none of the above; it’s genuinely wearing four decades’ worth of dings, dents, and scratches.

We initially thought we were looking at a limited-edition Jeans model, but a closer look reveals it’s a standard Beetle. Like we mentioned recently, the Jeans was painted in a slightly darker shade of yellow, it had a handful of black accents (including the bumpers and the trim on the belt line), and it feature model-specific denim upholstery. However, it looks like this one received a few Jeans parts over the course of its life, notably the decklid, the headlight bezels, and possibly the driver-side rear wheel.



2 thoughts on “Driven daily: Volkswagen Beetle

  1. i think the ” jeans ” parts were installed more to keep the car on the road then as an upgrade. glad to see it still on the road.

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