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Ran When Parked visits Beijing, China

I recently trekked out to China to cover the biennial Beijing Auto Show. I had some time to kill before and after the event, so I walked around to get to know the Chinese capital a little better.

Beijing is one of the best places in China for car-spotting, but that’s not saying much. Old cars are few and far between; a taxi driver told me that the only place to see a car from the 1980s in Beijing is in a museum. That’s an exaggeration, make no mistake, but let’s just say that an early 1990s Volkswagen Santana is borderline ancient by Chinese standards. You can imagine the look I get when I mention I drive around in a 1972 Beetle.

That said, I’ve compiled the few interesting cars I saw lurking in the Chinese capital into a gallery. Have you ever spotted a classic — or something offbeat —  in China? Tell us your story in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Ran When Parked visits Beijing, China

  1. you can find some interesting locations in Beijing that fill full of old cars. let me know if you will come next time.

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