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Rust in peace: Peugeot 505

I spotted the Peugeot 505 showcased below on a trip to northern Italy last weekend.

Hiding in plain sight, the 505 is ending its days in the front yard of a decrepit house. It was most likely parked following an accident that damaged the driver-side front fender, and it was subsequently stripped of most of its mechanical components and many trim pieces. The interior is gone, too; in other words, all that’s really left are the wheels, the door handles, the rear bumper, and the rear axle, though I don’t think it’s still attached to the car.

I’ve never been one to shy away from hopping a fence to shoot an abandoned car, but a closer look revealed that the house wasn’t as abandoned as it initially seemed. While it’s evidently stayed vacant for quite some time, the miscellaneous tools scattered around the property suggested that someone had recently purchased it and was in the process of fixing it up. That said, it’s not too far-fetched to speculate that the 505 will be scrapped sooner rather than later.

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