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Rewind to Paris, France, in 1987

We’re going back to Paris, France, in 1987. As expected, the streets are full of econoboxes. I’m surprised at how many Renault 5s are in the pictures below. Peugeot 205s, and Ford Fiestas are also a common sight, and I spot a few Fiat 126s as well.

If I could travel back in time, I’d drive back to the present in either the Peugeot 404 pickup or the Alfetta patiently waiting behind bus 551 in the last picture. Of course, I wouldn’t turn down a a nice CX, or the Matra Murena driving towards the Arc de Triomphe.






Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

5 thoughts on “Rewind to Paris, France, in 1987

  1. i will take the beetle in photo 3, mini in photo 5, a couple of the fiestas, and a ride on the steam locomotive.

  2. The steam locomotive “tour de Paris by the railway belt” event only took place once in the 80′ I was on board and took a shower in the evening… I like the DS of the last picture.

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