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Live from the Geneva Auto Show: BMW 750iL (e32)

There was a lot of 7 Series-related news at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The sixth-generation 7 isn’t technically new since it was presented to the press last August, but BMW traveled to Switzerland to introduce a plug-in hybrid model called 740e iPerformance, and a hot-rodded variant dubbed M760i that’s powered by a 6.6-liter V12 tuned to make about 600 horsepower. Across the show floor, renown tuner Alpina unveiled the 7-based B7 Biturbo.

BMW briefly brought out a 750 iL during its press conference. The e32 7 is turning 30-years old, and showing off a 750 is BMW’s way of telling the press that it’s been building large, V12-powered sedans for much longer than its competitors. The 750 iL was quickly driven off the stage right after the press conference; it mysteriously re-appeared a little bit later, but it was gone again on the second press day.

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