1970s / 2016 Geneva Auto Show / BMW / German

Live from the Geneva Auto Show: BMW 2002 Turbo

The new BMW M2 is billed as a heir to both the limited-edition 1 Series M that was axed a few years ago and the 2002 Turbo; saying that it has big shoes to fill is a 7 Series-sized understatement.

We didn’t see a 1 Series M at the Geneva Auto Show, but BMW displayed a stunning 2002 Turbo during its press conference. The car was parked next to the M2 just long enough for journalists to shoot a few pictures, then it was driven off the stage and never brought out again. A colleague of mine told me about the car, and I barely made it to the BMW stand before it was hidden out of sight. That means I couldn’t get decent pictures of the M2 and the 2002 together, but I did get to hear the turbo four start up.

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